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Tabasco has a wide variety of cultural and tourist attractions that show our visitors the majesty of the diverse cultures that have developed in our region, as well as civil and beautiful historic architecture that proudly corresponds
Mexico is famous worldwide for its customs, traditions, legends and folklore; this has always characterized the same time it allows to show the
character of its people. Tabasco, as part of the country, could not lack of traditions and customs that identify, it is also showing his feelings.

Cimatan and Xicalango were points between merchants of the trade route Mayas and Aztecs. These centers true fairs where different products were exchanged or sold in exchange for cocoa, the currency of that time were organized.

In the Chontal peoples and mestizos Tabasco Zoque dedicated to the patron saint festivities currently exist, other saints and feasts, which alternates the civic, commercial and religious, organized by the employer or steward, elected by the people to perform activities entrusted to it in accordance with the traditions and customs.

In these religious celebrations merges with the profane and always accompanied with a popular show: mechanical and gambling games, merchandise stalls, music and dancing. As an example of these parties, we de San Isidro in Comalcalco and villages in Chontales Nacajuca; that of St. James, in the villages of Chontalpa and Zoque; the Virgen de los Remedios in Nacajuca; the Assumption in Cupilco; of St. Francis of Assisi, in the Savannas Tamulté; those of Lent, in Atasta and Tamulté; the feast of San Sebastian in Tenosique.

Examples of traditional parties and civic which dates along with the commercial and the joy of the people alternating, we have the following: Carnival and Pochó in Tenosique; Carnival Villahermosa; Cry evening, September 15; Christmas parties, the rodeos, the day of the dead, etc.

The biggest and most important festivals of Tabasco is the exhibition or state fair; it has its origin in 1880, with the exhibition of artistic and cultural activities sponsored by Governor Manuel Foucher; was held at the Stone House, facing the Plaza de Armas. Years later, Jose Narciso Rovirosa promoted the first two exhibitions of Tabasco; which were carried out, from 1899 to 1900 by Prof. Alberto Correa Zapata in Moscardini Villa (current White House colony) on the banks of the Grijalva River in the place that later became the Tivoli Renewal; Hence the great variety of plants, flowers and fruits of Tabasco was displayed.

It fell to Governor Lic. Tomas Garrido relive 28 years later, these exposures. This was once the Gral. Alvaro Obregon, President of the Republic, who inaugurated the Port of Frontera, regional crop and livestock exhibition. In 1929, the exhibition was held at the Santa Gertrudis property (current splits Bonanza Meadows Villahermosa) and the Black Lagoon or Lagartera (for its lagoon full of alligators).

. Mr. Garrido There conditioned the north and called Tabasco Park; built a bridge and Spa The Corozo, placed a bust of General. Álvaro Obregón. He named the Lagoon of Illusions and installed at the top of an ancient ceiba a viewing platform which he called the Eyrie; were built on the form of a map of the state of Tabasco, kiosks of 17 municipalities and some major towns, where they explained their products.

Homing of progress, youth dressed in costumes representing the most important production of his village, marched from the Plaza de Armas, escorted by Chinese charros and Puebla, marimbas, and gangs, until the Tabasco Park; between representatives were elected to "The Bella Flor de la Raza" custom continues today with the election of "the most beautiful flower of Tabasco."

In 1934, when he was governor Lic. Noé Flower Casanova, Tabasco Park was reconstructed with 17 converging to a central kiosk avenues and a bust of José N. Rovirosa wise naturist placed. In 1950, Lic. Carlos A. Madrazo called Agora built the hall for large events. Don Manuel R. Mora completely remodeled it, he built an outdoor theater and changed his name to Tomas Garrido Park.

During the administration of Lic. Trujillo Mario Garcia, Convention Hall was built on the banks of the pond of Illusions. The park continued to host exhibitions until 1981, when Eng. Leandro Rovirosa Wade, Governor of the State, he built the park The Bump in the urban development of Tabasco 2000, along the river Carrizal. Designed according to the geography of the state of Tabasco, with its highways, roads, railways, rivers, bridges and elevations; in this park kiosks were located in each municipality geographic rightful place. The park also featured, with outdoor theater, fitness center and an area for rides.

In the park structure jutting The Bump by Juan Lombardo, which was located on Avenida Paseo Tabasco, one of the access roads to the park.

In that place as before, the greatest festival of Tabasco, but with different names, duration and variety of activities, but with the authentic expression of the people and their government was held.

. In 1995, Mr. Roberto Madrazo Pintado, as Governor of the State, took the initiative to organize the party with new features: Feria Tabasco named first having a duration of 24 days. During his tenure the headquarters of the maximum fair Tabasco the "Tabasco Park" was built.

It is a totally popular show, in which all sectors of society involved, like the 17 municipalities of the state with cultural, educational, sports, the parade of cars and allegorical boats, art and music festivals, the choice of flower, folklore shows, the promotion of industrial and commercial investment, recreation and tourism, folk dances, bullfights, gastronomic shows, rodeos and the rides give you the hallmark joy, contemplating the brainchild of Tabasco and reaffirms its values ​​locally, nationally and internationally sharing.