Monday, October 6, 2014


1 Walk the streets of the city and admire the beautiful colonial architecture of its buildings. You will understand why San Miguel de Allende is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.

2 Visit the parish of St. Michael the Archangel, a symbol of the city, built in the late seventeenth century. Take a look at its striking neo-Gothic facade, designed by
master Ceferino Gutierrez and superimposed by 1880.

3 Visit the Craft Market and Lucas Balderas walker takes one (or several) of the handicrafts and natural brass sheet and decorated cobrizada offered on site.

4 If you are interested in history, you can not miss the ex Municipal Palace, built in 1736 in the rest of the stairs you will see the figures of Miguel Hidalgo and Ignacio Allende. It was here that the first Hall of independent Mexico was installed in 1810.

5 Visit the Casa de Allende. Beautiful neoclassical façade designed in the mid-eighteenth century, this building houses an interesting collection of period pieces Independence arranged in rooms that gave birth to the hero Ignacio Allende and Unzaga.

6 Admire the magnificent façade of the Temple of San Francisco, churrigueresque with numerous stipes pilasters; a remarkable neoclassical tower and dome attributed to renowned architect Francisco Tresguerras.

7 Take a photo near the equestrian statue of Ignacio Allende, located in the Civic Square, the largest meeting space in the city (located in the north). His stroke is 1555 and for some time was considered the original center of the town.

8 Stay at one of its exclusive boutique hotels housed in what used to be colonial and nineteenth-century houses but now, revitalized, offering comfortable rooms and two separate dream gardens. Some offer spa treatments and Temazcal baths.

9 On one side of the Civic Plaza is the church of Our Lady of Health in the late eighteenth century served as a chapel for the College of St. Francis de Sales. This place is said to be the oldest bell is preserved this heritage town.Do not let search!

10 Taste delicious churros and chocolate in the warm traditional restaurant San Augustine, owned by the famous actress Margarita Gralia, housed in a former mansion of the eighteenth century a few steps of the Temple of San Francisco.

11 During the month of June, you can not miss the Parade of Fools, original event becomes more popular every year. As part of this festival, which takes place the following day San Antonio Sunday, the participants have to dress up and give candy to the public attending.

12 If you like botany, 2.5 miles northeast of downtown San Miguel, near the old dam, is the Botanical Garden "El Charco del Ingenio". In this book, about 67 acres, about 1,300 species of cacti that can not miss on display!

13 On the corner making the canal Street and Main Square the House of Estate, beautiful property (private) considered one of the best examples among the noble palaces of the colonial period in Mexico rises.Admire its remarkable Baroque quarry cover!

14 In September, go for national holidays to live in this city. The night is always enlivened by Yell mariachi music, fireworks and many stalls where you will find all kinds of snacks, sweets and drinks.

15 18 km northwest of the town of San Miguel is located Atotonilco. There you will find the magnificent Temple and Ex Convent of Jesus of Nazareth, also recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for hosting spectacular chapels, paintings and altarpieces.