Monday, November 24, 2014


None like this one to bring together the staff of the five tourist strongholds surrounding the state of Zacatecas. And it is by no means its beauty and historical importance could be indifferent, or left out of this just recognition Pueblo Magico. With this appointment, in November 2012, its level gets Nochistlán and historical importance of old. This town, whose name can be understood as "place of tunas" or "place of grana", is located south of the state, at a distance of 220 km. state capital (2 ½ hrs.).

It is known as the official name of Nochistlán, in honor of Colonel Jesus Mejia, who was an advocate of the square in the French invasion, and during pre-Hispanic times was inhabited by
caxcanes Indians, who fought bravely against the inevitable conquest Spanish. It was January 5, 1532 when Juan de Oñate, following the orders of conquistador Nuño de Guzmán, founded here the first village of Guadalajara of Mexico, but had only one year of survival, pioneered and continued until its consolidation one decade later. Therefore it is Nochistlán example of strength, tenacity and courage. Great are its history, its characters, traditions and architectural monuments, which counts as temples interesting shows: San Francisco, San Jose, San Sebastian and the Virgin of Guadalupe; and the aqueduct, the Parian and its large central square, surrounded by beautiful colonial farms.

One surpassingly historical fact about this place is the death of the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado (the great Tonatiuh), which occurred as a result of an accident in a battle of conquest.

Traditions such as the feast of "papaquis" in honor of St. Sebastian, whom everyone calls "the güerito" and their famous tunes, performed by "jaraberos" seals are proud identity for locals.
Few places in Zacatecas has a tradition of mariachi has Nochistlán here the best teams in the state and region originate.
Close by the yardarm or Mesa de San Juan, which was located where caxcanes beat the June 24, 1539 the Spanish, led by Pedro de Alvarado in cuisine is the chicken valentina highlight its saucer, and birria, jericayas the site jocoatole and meat. Their main celebrations are in the month of October (almost the whole month) and January (day 20) in honor of St. Sebastian.

To reach Nochistlán of Zacatecas are 224 km, and can be accessed via Aguascalientes (for Villa Hidalgo or Teocaltiche, Jal.), Or via Jalpa, the road to Calvillo.