Thursday, November 27, 2014


The variety of natural attractions of Mexico determined by their geographical location and morphology, coupled with the inherited testimonies of different cultures that have merged, make domestic and foreign visitors can choose different types of tourism and attractions in Mexico.

Thus in Mexico have at your disposal different types of tourism targeted to different kinds and tastes of travelers who come to this country in search of the best vacation ever. Thus you will find options in Business Tourism, especially designed for professionals who conduct their business meetings in different cities and major destinations in Mexico; Cultural Tourism, which specifically aims to
take advantage of the wide and varied cultural offer of Mexico, mainly exploiting various events and traditional festivals, plus sights, museums and archaeological sites.

On the other hand, the Religious Tourism in Mexico moves a large crowd of people, because today millions of pilgrims undertake trips to various shrines possible for numerous tourist activities.

Also Culinary Tourism in Mexico is perfect for discovering and experiencing the incredible flavors that owns Mexican cuisine and beverage options in particular that invite the celebration and why not conducting civic or cultural festivals.

One of the main passenger practiced in Mexico is the Archaeological Tourism. Place won thanks to its more than 20,000 pre-Columbian archaeological sites, in which 106 can be visited in different regions, with excellent service in tourism infrastructure, accommodation, museums, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Another option chosen in Mexico is very Adventure Tourism, which invites the use of different geographical areas of great scenic beauty, and where it is possible to go from kayaking to mountain climbing and all sorts of adventures through forests, underwater and more . Among this branch is also the Rural Tourism and Ecotourism, also very practiced in Mexico. Each is based on the experience of intense contact with nature, whether in native scenarios with indigenous people, learning their cultures and traditions in the first; while the second is located mainly in the way of appreciating the various natural attractions, with low environmental impact, and fostering care of them.

Very modern but growing, health tourism offered in different states of Mexico and is ideal for those seeking healing waters or even discover beauty surgeries and other spa treatments, hot springs and other, instilling care and physical well done spiritual. All this and much more is lived in Mexico, are you going to miss you?