Sunday, April 19, 2015


Located 120 km from Hermosillo and 390 kilometers from the border with the United States, is an integral part of the Port of Guaymas. San Carlos is full of contrasts, beautiful landscapes that move and motivate them to
stay, explore, fishing, water sports and mountain and makes us believe in the healing powers of nature.

In San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas can enjoy:
The Tetakawi hill is an emblem of high landscape value to San Carlos, here survived the Yaquis and Seri Indians; in addition to his mystique silhouette strengthened the warrior spirit and soul of the nomadic Indian. Its name was given by the Yaquis, which means "Tetas de Cabra".
Sonora Dolphinarium is for the visitor an interactive premier tourist spectacle and an opportunity to help children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other disabilities.
The Canyon of Barajitas is located just 12 miles from San Carlos Bay; It is ideal for exploring magical and lonely space, adventure and contact with nature. It is a virgin area that houses three different ecosystems and that can only be accessed by boat, ferry or boat and offers activities such as kayaking, sailing, diving, snorkeling, caving and fishing by boat or from the beach.
In the months of November to March an international show is the arrival of the gray whale, which are close to the coast and vessels can almost touch; the presence of these mammals much interest worldwide because it is a natural event of great significance for the study of certain biological behaviors, on which depends the conservation of many species.
La Playa de los Algodones, which is named for its beautiful white sand dunes that look like cotton balls; It is ideal for diving, fishing, use jetskis, snorkeling, windsurfing, horseback riding, swimming or playing volleyball and football all year, and its average temperature ranges from 31 degrees Celsius in spring, up to 18 degrees Celsius in winter.
Playa San Francisco, one of the most visited and extensive area; gentle waves is perfect for family living, boat rides, snorkeling and kayaking.
Piedras Pintas Beach offers the absence of infrastructure, ideal for those seeking adventure and escape to enjoy diving and snorkeling private paradise.
La Isla San Pedro Nolasco is located 45 minutes from the bay. Considered sanctuary from California sea lions and thousands of birds among which the brown boobies and pelicans, is one of the favorite places for scuba divers and snorkeling.
The Estero del Soldado, in the process of being considered as a Protected Natural Area is located within 10 km. From San Carlos, has an area of ​​778 hectares divided between mangrove areas, the body of water and land part consists of dunes sand and shrubs.
When the sun goes down, the fun does not stop, because the bars and clubs open their doors to welcome walkers looking for a bit of nightlife.
Craft Shops San Carlos Bay offer a variety of dishes, furniture, jewelry and other works of art handmade from around Mexico and Central America.