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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ciudad Valles, city of art and tradition

Ciudad Valles is the second largest city in the state. This is well known, as is that known as the "capital of the Huasteca" or "front door of the Huasteca" and that the average temperature throughout the year is very hot, especially in seasons harvest burning. Many travelers pass through here or one night stay, because it is the "gateway to
the adventure" of the region. Yes, we can say that Ciudad Valles is one of the starting points for visiting archaeological sites, waterfalls, basements, biosphere reserves or to meet the cultural and culinary riches of the most remote regions of the Huasteca. It sounds good, but it's hot, but what can you do in this town if you have to stay at least one day? The truth, the truth ... more things than you can imagine.

Let's start by hotels. They are of different categories and for different tastes and budgets. One of them, the Valles is a period hotel with spacious rooms, two restaurants and a bar, which by its stone walls give the impression of being inside a cave. The pool, ideal for swimming and cooling, has tropical atmosphere.

If you get curious markets and the business environment, the center of Ciudad Valles is pure hustle during the day. You can find all kinds of products, lacking the craft, made with their own hands the Teenek and Nahua natives. Find exotic fruits in season, for example, the litchis or lychees, you should not miss.

Here also focuses much of the Huasteca cuisine and most restaurants offer the famous zacahuil or other smaller tamale called bolim. The Huasteca enchiladas with cured meat are delicious, as are the bocoles. But if you want something more traditional, the people, the Tacos El Vaquero are outstanding, or 7 Mares seafood with dishes acamayas catán or slugs. And what about or drinks like rum, jobito and passion fruit.

If you listen to street music, for example in the square, come and enjoy the rhythms of huapango enliven the atmosphere and make people start an impromptu dance.

And at night, when it cools, people go out to walk and live around the square.

Ciudad Valles there are two museums: the Regional Huasteco Joaquín Meade, which houses about 8000 archaeological pieces, and Tamuantzán Cultural Center, a good starting point to explore the Huasteca from the historical and traditional perspective.