Friday, June 26, 2015


Piedras Negras is a border town in northeastern Mexico, in the state of Coahuila, where you will find the Latin flavor of our people, food and sights, which can be the difference between the noise and tumult of our great cities and peace and
tranquility of a city with the safest of all Gaza border.

It is noteworthy that he was given this name because here coal outcrop rich metals.
Piedras Negras is the birthplace of the famous Nacho, a dish known worldwide, which was created at random by a restaurant employee who wanted to please some diners Eagle Pass. His name was Ignacio and came to call "nacho".
Thereafter began the history of the snack that crossed the border. Piedras Negras each year celebrates the Festival of Nacho. One of the first places to visit is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located just one mile from the border crossing and was built in 1859, after it has been remodeled and expanded with towers that were made in 1950.
Mercado Zaragoza, about two blocks from the sanctuary. There is crafts throughout Mexico at very good prices. They are about 80 stalls where jewelry is silver, gold, clothing for children and adults, with the difference that almost everything is handmade by Mexican artisans.
The Plaza de la Cultura is ell best and most impressive tribute to the ancestors. It is a park which opened in 2005 and brings together different replicas of indigenous works found throughout history.
In this beautiful square converge the different cultures of our country. Admire the great Pyramid of the Sun surrounded by green vegetation. A beautiful dancing fountain shows at night a synchronized ballet with multicolored lights. One of its main attractions is the Planetarium, where educational films for students and anyone who wants to visit is. If you are lucky you will find in the square several exhibitions of paintings or pictures in three dimensions. Pyramid also has 365 niches, the Castle. Moreover it has areas for children's games, musical fountain with light and sound, Planetarium, and sculptures in the gardens where there is representation Olmec, Aztec and Maya.
The Macro Plaza, is a huge park where different activities such as tennis, basketball, micro football and serves to celebrate Independence Day, where different vendors are located every September 16th can. There is the Monument to the Founders, The Clock Tower and Concha Acustica.
Ruins of San Bernardo Mission, located in the town of Guerrero, about 20 minutes from Piedras Negras. These ruins were part of the Franciscan Missionary complex of Rio Grande do Norte.
Plaza Monumental Arispe accommodate 5000 people. Where bullfighting are presented throughout the year, following the true tradition of the Fiesta Brava, with bulls and professional matadors.
Another activity that is practiced is hunting a variety of species such as whitetail, mule deer, buffalo, quail, turkey and dove.