Within the area of ​​the municipality, the development of this economic activity has not been fully exploited, despite the many existing natural beauties. Tourism has been limited to visits to industries and commercial centers. Among the promotional activities are the Fiestas de Mayo, where the fair takes place in the city, where every year they participate artists of
national and international fame; It is a show also for the dissemination of its productions, such as livestock and beer exhibition. In the city promotional events for the dissemination of the same region are carried, such as meetings versadores of soneros, poets and decimistas Tuxtepecanos.Besides its Nauticopa that takes place since 1970 in the Tonto River, [citation needed] the recent administration, seeing the Rio Papaloapan is virtually extinct, he moved the event to the Miguel Presa de la Madrid and led issues 2004 and 2007, which included a visit 8 to 10 thousand people per dayBethania Waterfalls are pristine falls located in the town of Bethania 24 km from the city, in the very beautiful road Tuxtepec-Palomares.Es Wall Boulevard with its green to the riverside areas. The main tourist route is the aforementioned has Muro Boulevard, [citation needed] that with its 5 km along the north part of the city and gives a panoramic view of the Rio Papaloapan, in the are numerous restaurants, nightclubs, shops, as well Recreation Center Flamenco, with municipal development, is one of the main centers for recreation in the municipality thought children. There are also numerous constructions that remain despite the flood of '44 and industrialization suffering Tuxtepec.In addition to that there are numerous other streams that are invaded mainly local tourists and a recent time, national in the hot months of April and May. The infrastructure of its hotels facing the muncipio capacity of 990 rooms, ranging from inns, to 4 star hotels; to meet not only the emerging tourism, but the demand for this service by the industry and trade.Ways to reach:AUTOMOBILE A) Southwest of the city of Tuxtepec 17 km. Away, in the town of Piedra Quemada. B) To the southwest of the city of Tuxtepec 17 km. Away, in the town of Paso Canoa.


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