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Located east of the city of Saltillo, capital of Coahuila, this Magic Town stands as an island in the middle of the great desert that identifies this northern region of the country to conquer with beautiful forest landscapes, delicious and fruity odor
spectacular mountainous strip "that seems perennially like hugging and loving."
Here, walking along its quiet streets you can discover the elegant architecture of the temple dedicated to San Isidro Labrador. You'll also find numerous stores offering liqueurs and fruit preserves that have brought fame this town, made with apples, peaches, perones, among other species, produced in numerous fields, orchards and vegetables that are in their vicinity.
For those who enjoy the natural scenery, ideal Arteaga has separate spaces for all kinds of adventure sports and outdoor activities. A few kilometers south, discover the magnificent recreation complex Forest Monterreal equipped with several tracks for skiing all year round even without snow! If you are looking for quiet just renting a cabin and from its terrace you will have the best view of what locals have dubbed "the Switzerland of Mexico".
Dive into the Mexican septentrión and enjoy this population is a perfect combination of modernity and nature at the foot of the mountains.Learn more
-Arteaga Is named after the liberal hero Jose Maria Arteaga, governor of Queretaro (around 1857), who was active during the wars of American and French intervention in favor of the country before he died shot by Maximiliano instructions in October 1865.
The Best time to visit this town is coahuilense summer when the thermometer marked 28-30 ° C, making it an ideal place to practice all kinds of adventure activities paradise. By contrast, during the winter, you may feel in Arteaga temperatures below freezing allowing travelers to admire, once swaddled, the spectacular mountainous strip that fully embraces snowfall.
When Doves Arteaga named Adentro grew wheat, but a terrible plague miscarried mushroom crops. Farmers sought new options and since 1887 have highlighted for their apple orchards of the Spanish Rosa range, yellow and red spots. US decades after Golden Delicious and Red Delicious, which occur at present were introduced.Typically
Arteaga are famous fruit liqueurs, mainly apple and quince. You can buy at the craft shops and other establishments in the streets of Guerrero and Democracy, in the downtown area of ​​this magical town. Nor should you miss trying the delicious sweet peach and Peron offered in traditional sweets the "Fifth Fantasy". You will be amazed!
The typical garment is the blanket, worn by men to cover field and cold water. Handwoven, they are characterized by bright colors. You can get them in various locations throughout the village.
For poplar wood crafts used, and the favorite figures of artisans are animals and fruits. You can find them at the flea market every Sunday is installed in the Alameda and regional shops.