Thursday, October 15, 2015


Dreamy waterfalls, forest straight out of a fairy tale, rock formations with the most curious shapes you can imagine, caves where you might doze off any dragon, turquoise waters, red earth ... Spain hidden corners of spectacular beauty as unknown and who
demonstrate no need to leave the country to see amazing places.
There are so many magical places in Spain that it is difficult to choose, but Skyscanner has selected 15 fabulous places that will make you dream ... and you'll want to get in the car and head for these so close and so unusual destinations.

1. Irati, Navarra
Imagine a lush forest as might appear a fairy or gnome (even a hobbit) at any time ... Paint the blood-red soil and the sky a thousand shades of green and ocher i have Irati. Beech forest and the second largest and best preserved in Europe (after Germany's Black Forest) birch worth. The environment is unspoilt and is perfect to unwind, take pictures, hike and enjoy such a unique landscape that you will not believe you are so close.
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2. Rio Tinto mines, Huelva, Andalusia
Lunar landscapes, red lands and waters so intense look you're on Mars. But no, you do not go beyond Earth to find a place like this. Rio Tinto mines are one of the most interesting places in the Spanish geography and blow you away. Here the landscape has changed and it worked by the hand of man from the Copper Age, when it began to explode ... And from there until today. If you dare to tread this surreal place will not leave you indifferent.

3. Beach of the Cathedrals, Galicia
It's easy to feel small in the Beach of the Cathedrals. Located on the coast of the province of Lugo, these cliffs over 32 meters high wind and sea have sculpted over the centuries are a sight to be seen ... and enjoyed. Wait for the tide and stroll among its huge arches and domes. Almost it looks like they were carved by giant, right? As the tide not enjoy the show from the viewpoints miss.
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4. Gorge of Hell, Extremadura
The Reserve of the Gorge of Hell is, without a second's hesitation, one of the most unique landscapes that hides Spain. It is in a privileged north dela province of Caceres, in the western extreme of the Sierra de Gredos place at the heart of the Jerte Valley is full of waterfalls, streams, waterfalls place and, especially, natural pools and large circular pools (the famous "pylons") carved into the rock by water erosion of the rivers. Perfect for a hiking route and cool when it gets hot. You'll feel like a place worthy of "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit".

5. Garajonay National Park, La Gomera, Canary Islands
Shrouded in fog or bright sunshine, the laurel forests of Garajonay looks like a prehistoric landscape taken ... but without dinosaurs involved. You seem watching elves or maybe expect me Merlin the magician behind any tree appears. This magical place is often shrouded in mist and eternal is so old that leads around since the Tertiary. It is on the beautiful island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands archipelago. A corner of Spain so full of wonders sure you do not settle just to see one.
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6. Médulas, El Bierzo, Castilla y León
Red sand, beaks, red rock formations that stand between chestnut and oak ... Las Médulas are a natural monument shaped by the Romans who turned the place into an exploitation of open pit gold. Walking around here is like stepping into another world for the pupils to dilate and absorb everything that the landscape can offer. They are World Heritage of Unesco and one of the most incredible cultural parks that has Spain. If you go up to the viewpoint of Orellán to enjoy a panoramic view that will steal your heart.

7. The Torcal de Antequera, Malaga, Andalusia
Another almost alien landscape, the Torcal de Antequera draws attention to the capricious forms that the limestone has adopted, shaping a premier karst landscape. Walking between these pinnacles and polished stones appear captures the imagination. It has over 1,171 hectares and is a natural paradise that has given rise to groups like "screw", the "little hat" or the "binoculars". You'll have to see to believe.

8. The Caves of Drac, Majorca, Balearic Islands
Seeing the Caves of Drac Majorca is easy to imagine a sleeping dragon surrounded by treasures as he illuminates the dim light and water droplets slide down the stalactites to an inland lake. This magical corner are four great caves near Manacor over 2.4 km long reaching up to 25 meters underground. Inside a large underground lake next to you can hear live classical music ... Nicer impossible is hidden.

9. Ordesa National Park, Huesca, Aragon
Deep valleys, high mountains, lush vegetation, turquoise rivers, waterfalls filled with dew environment ... Ordesa National Park like something out of a fantasy movie. This superb place stands in the Huesca Pyrenees and is a feast for the senses. With more than 15,000 hectares and the highest waterfall in Europe choose only one of its corners is almost impossible. Still, we are left with the route through the Canyon of Añisclo, Pineta Valley and the famous waterfall ponytail.
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10. Playa de Gulpiyuri, Asturias
Although mass tourism has arrived here, it does not cease to be magical. Come at dawn one day at the only beach in the world of offshore land lying and you'll be amazed. This small beach is located between green meadows and is the result of the whims of nature. Although the depth is not enough for swimming, beach Gulpiyuri has something that makes it really special ... Surely more than a nymph comes to bathe at night. Or so it seems.