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Monday, December 28, 2015

10 Tourist Attractions in Chile

1- Santiago. Central Chile:sights of santiago chile
Bicentennial Park in Santiago. In jikatu Flickr.
Hectic capital of Chile, awarded in 2011 by the New York Times among the best destinations in the world, captivating for its art

museums, sophisticated restaurants and design proposals that have permeated some of its most famous neighborhoods.

Wine tours, modern ski resorts and a long coastline is only 100 kilometers away, are another major attraction, closeness can enjoy a day of snow mountain and then down to the sands of the coast. More information in the following article in Santiago.
2 San Pedro de Atacama. North of Chile:Chile sights of San Pedro
Moon Valley in San Pedro de Atacama. In Nico Kaiser Flickr.
Highland village located in the Atacama Desert at altitudes above 2,400 meters above sea level, fascinating place that dazzles for its picturesque white architecture and narrow streets immersed among majestic landscapes of mountain ranges and salt lakes.

Paradise environments such as the Geysers Geysers and the Valley of the Moon and Death, are another of its attractions, natural wonders that are mixed with magical rural villages and ancient archaeological sites in the Atacama culture, that demonstrate over twelve thousand years of human occupation. More information in the following article in San Pedro de Atacama.
3- Lauca National Park. North of Chile:sights of Chungara chile
Cotacotani gaps. Wikimedia Commons, Davide Guallini.
Without being in the sights of more known Chile, it corresponds to a jewel of natural heritage located 165 kilometers from Arica, hidden among highland landscapes, snowy mountains and villages of the Aymara culture, being home to a unique ecosystem in the world inhabits the amazing altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level.

Among its most beautiful scenarios include Lagunas de Cotacotani with wetlands and volcanic islets and Lake Chungará, one of the highest in the world, with emerald hues waters where massive and imposing snowy giant volcanoes Parinacota and reflected Pomerape .
4- Iquique. North of Chile:sights of Chile Iquique
Playa Cavancha in Iquique. In rewbs.soal Flickr.
Vibrant spa town, a town in northern Chile, which captivates with its white sand beaches and gentle surf, beautiful wooden architecture built during the heyday of the nitrate and valuable archaeological museums are proof of the Chinchorro culture that inhabited the area 5,000 years ago.

Its surroundings are another attraction, appearing as alternatives rides to neighboring nitrate of Humberstone and Santa Laura declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the enigmatic geoglyphs carved in the painted hills and beautiful green oasis, located in the desert as Pica. More information in the following article in Iquique.
5- Easter Island. Central Chile:sights of Easter Island Chile
Sunset at Ahu Tongariki Easter Island. In the Tracks of David Berkowitz.
Located in the Pacific Ocean, it is considered one of the sights of Chile that generates more curiosity, both for its enigmatic stone sculptures known as Moai as the mysterious legends and traditions of the ancient culture Rapanui.

Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, also marvels at its beauty exotic scenarios, among which are the pink sands of the beach Ovahe, the turquoise waters of Anakena or the countless caves that make their way between the slopes of the volcanoes. Learn more in the following article Easter Island.
6- Valparaiso. Central Chile:sights of Chile Valparaiso
Cerros of Valparaiso. In the Tracks of Carlos Reusser Monsálvez.
Known as the jewel of the Pacific, it is a port city declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Famous for its colorful hills upholstered architectures, steep stairs and elevators unique, like an amphitheater that embrace the bay.
Lively night life and cultural offer are some of its features, considered the Capital of Culture in Chile, seduces both for its street art, with thousands of grafiteados walls by local artists, as for its many shows, festivals and carnivals to Throughout the year the city vibrate with dance, theater, music and painting. More information in the following article in Valparaiso.
7- Chiloe. South of Chile:sights of chile chiloe
Palafitos Chiloe. In Silviapef Flickr.
Magical archipelago of small islands and islets scattered between the Pacific Ocean, home to a fascinating culture rich in legends and traditions that coexist between rural landscapes, colorful fishing villages and towering stilts over the sea.
Their churches deserve a separate chapter, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, build a true pilgrimage route, located just ten kilometers from each other, amazed by the simplicity of its forms and its construction entirely of wood. Learn more in the following article of Chiloe.
8- Carretera Austral. South of Chile:sights of Chile Carretera Austral
In Queulat Hanging Glacier National Park. In betoscopio Flickr.
1240 kilometers route that crosses the Chilean Patagonia, realizable both auto and bicycle, beginning in the fishing town of Puerto Montt to culminate in Villa O'Higgins, gateway to the Southern Ice Fields.
Along its route scenery of extraordinary beauty, sights of Chile hidden in the vastness of virgin forests, magical places such as the ancient larch Hornopirén, the fjords of Pumalin Park, the thermal waters of Puyuhuapi are crossed, the Queulat Hanging Glacier National Park or the mighty rapids of Futaleufu, among many others.
9. Laguna San Rafael. South of Chile:Chile sights of San Rafael
Laguna San Rafael. Wikimedia Commons by Vincent Huang.
Among the Northern Ice Fields recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO area, this idyllic landscape, home of the majestic San Rafael Glacier is located, that being born in the snowy Valentine runs fifteen kilometers away, to finally lead in the lagoon of the same name.
Only accessible by special boats, enchants for its ice towers reach seventy meters high, huge icebergs floating on the water and an eerie silence that lets you listen to the constant ice floes.
10- Torres del Paine National Park. South of Chilesights of Chile Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine. Wikimedia Commons by Miguel Vieira.
Nature sanctuary recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, home of a large wild life and unique scenic beauty, formed from glaciers, mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.
Its greatest attraction is the so-called Torres del Paine, three huge granite towers modeled over twelve million years by the power of the glacial ice, acquiring the odd time they reach their sharp shapes with reddish splendor of dawn and sunset.More tourist sites in Chile
Various newspapers, magazines and major websites dedicated to the theme of travel, have highlighted and recommended various sights of Chile. If you are looking for more references and ideas of destinations to visit, here are some suggestions:
-In 2011, the New York Times, distinguished Santiago de Chile, in the list of the 41 best destinations to visit.New York Times
-In 2012, the website TripAdvisor, selected cities of Santiago, Pucon and Puerto Varas in the top 25 destinations in South America.Trip advisor
-In 2012, the New York Times, recognized the Chilean Patagonia and Chiloe Island in the top 45 destinations worldwide.New York Times
-In 2013, National Geographic magazine, honored the city of Valparaiso as one of the top 20 destinations of the year.National Geographic
-In 2013, the website TripAdvisor, selected Easter Island among the top 10 islands in the world.Trip Advisor
-In 2013, National Geographic magazine in its special edition of the 100 most beautiful places in the world, honored the Torres del Paine with fifth place.National Geographic
- In 2014, the Lonely Planet site, distinguished the Colchagua Valley in the top 10 destinations in the world for a honeymoon.Lonely Planet