Thursday, June 30, 2016


Barbados is an island that is part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea located lapped by the Atlantic Ocean.
It was named for the visit by the Portuguese to their lands, based on long aerial roots of a plant native place fig tree resembling a beard.
It is one of the leading places in the Caribbean that has

a strong tourist influx.

With a diverse geography between mountains and plains, major beaches with an underwater beauty and coral reefs of the most diverse species.
Barbados unifies two main attractions for tourists are having a natural beauty in the landscape and have all the services that tourists find the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay.
Among the attractions are the following:
Grantley Adams International Airport
Has unique and important place, you receive a large number of flights from the major airlines, further complemented with regional and charter flights. An excellent and dynamic place where this activity Caribbean air transport is developed. Currently they are in remodeling.
Area Beaches
Very interesting beaches where clear waters and sands ranging from pink to white make the landscape enjoyable for tourists coming to the Caribbean to enjoy a dream stay attractive.
Its shores lapped by the Atlantic Ocean and which is conducive to the realization of water activities like surfing.
It has 97 kms. coast, resulting in the Caribbean, among the best known are various as Batts Rock, Flokestone Park, Gibbs, Paynes Bay among others.
While there are others who give to this meeting with the Atlantic Ocean, where the waters are choppy and where sports like surfing and windsurfing is practiced.National Heroes SquareNational Heroes Square Barbados Tourism: the easternmost Caribbean island
National Heroes Square
A major square with the monument to Lord Horatio Nelson, who was at the Battle of Trafalgar.BridgetownBridgetown Barbados Tourism: the easternmost Caribbean island
The city offers a wide variety of restaurants, where their dishes are varied going from peas to seafood, also delicious desserts.
It also offers the possibility of walks for their craft fairs, prestigious shops located on the main street of Broad Street, monuments, interesting buildings in history, bars, clubs, and many places where you can fully enjoy.Queens ParkQueens Park Tourism Barbados: the easternmost Caribbean island
Queens Park
A park of a great appeal for its beauty and its contents as a theater and an excellent art gallery, you can also admire the house where he lived possessing an English major.
It has two giant ancient specimens of baobab trees that come from Madagascar, with 18 meters in diameter.
The city shows the combination of two different cultures British and African.
a cheerful climate where no lack of music, dances, colors and joy completing the atmosphere.
There big carnivals and other festivities with great participation of foreign tourists are held, stand out among them the Holetown Festival.
In a city like Oistins, holding Oistins Fish Festival, which is a tribute to the signing of the Charter of Barbados in the seventeenth century it is made.