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If you plan to go on a trip but you still know where; here we leave you this super father option as it is Nassau is the capital of one of the main islands of the Bahamas, New Providence, and it is very important since it represents a fundamental connection axis between the other islands, by air or by sea, so who takes note and thinks if this is your ideal place to travel ...

We summarize our experience indicating the activities you can do in a day in Nassau, although to enjoy the Island well it would be advisable to spend at least 3 days.

How to get to Nassau from Miami: You have two ways to get to Nassau from Miami

  • Airplane 
  • Sea

THINGS to do in Nassau in one day:

These lists are undoubtedly always subjective, because there will be those who like to spend most of their time walking through the colonial streets of Downtown and discovering their local environment; others prefer to spend the day snorkeling in the Bahamian submarine bottom, and there will be families with children, who go to be in the Atlantis Water Park…. Everything is possible in Nassau.

So here is what we did, and if it is true that one day does not go far, these were our choices:

Clifton Heritage Park
Upon landing, the first thing we did was pick up our rental car at the Airport (remember to drive on the left) and we headed to Clifton Heritage Park

It is a virgin beach with vegetation, where the characteristic are the wonderful sculptures that are underwater, and that have made it an icon of Nassau.

Stuart Cove Dive Center
One of the reasons to stop in Nassau, where we are not fooled, the beaches are not the most beautiful in the Bahamas, was to be able to dive, or in our case snorkel since we do not have the title of Diving, in the impressive turquoise waters of the Bahamas.

The half-day excursion (in our case it was afternoon) bordering the Nassau Coast, allows you to know the island from the Sea, see the millionaire mansions and complexes type Atlantis or other Paradise Island constructions.

Fish fry
If you want to visit something authentic in Nassau, you can't miss the Fish Fry. It is for us to understand each other, like the terrace area of the Bahamas, where locals, after a day's work, celebrate, laugh, dance… and drink.

The Conch Salad, or shell salad, is an authentic delicacy, made from the fresh shell. If you like ceviche, you're going to freak out. It has a slight lemon flavor and fresh fruit, such as mango ... it is a great lunch or dinner for all those who monitor the diet, in addition to the protein it has.

Sunset at Compass Point
If you are looking for the best sunsets, our advice is to have dinner at Compass Point. A complex of beautiful Caribbean wooden cabins, with tables overlooking the coast and live music most afternoons.

Visit to Atlantis
If you like luxury hotels, and freak out with the waste and ostentation of wealthy Americans, without dying of envy ... and if not even just to gossip, leave a place to take a little stroll through Atlantis, luxury hotel par excellence.

Nassau is not famous precisely for its beaches, but there are. We recommend these beaches:
  • Junkanoo Beach: it is the most famous, and with beach bars that make your stay more enjoyable. Not very quiet

  • Paradise Beach: on Paradise Island, you can rent hammocks and it is one of the largest. People who get off the cruise usually stop.

  • Jaw Beach: in the North part of the Island

  • Cable Beach: It is a relatively quiet beach, and very beautiful white sand, near some hotel complexes.

The best way to take advantage of the time in Nassau is to rent a car to tour the island, or find a driver to organize your visit.

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