Monday, April 20, 2020


Cuba is the traveling dream of many of us, and it is not surprising: it is one of the islands with the most personality and history in the entire Caribbean. And of course, the most beautiful! If you have in mind to take a little trip to Cuba, we already gave you a few tips not to water it. But if what you want is to know what to visit, take note so that you take into account these suggestions and after all you can visit Cuba, we begin ...

1. If you still have time in Trinidad and you want a swim, go to Ancón Beach. Although it is necessary to warn you: the beaches and keys of Cuba are wonderful, and this is not one of the best. But if you are in the area it is always a good option.

2. Something you cannot stop doing in Cuba is having (at least) a mojito. The place where it was invented and most popular in Cuba is La Bodeguita del Medio in Old Havana, although it is best to do a wide and exhaustive tasting throughout the country. Cheers!

3. Trinidad is the most beautiful colonial city in Cuba. Lose yourself in its alleys, listen to the musicians in the main square, have a local drink (la canchánchara) and enjoy the tranquility of this tourist, but very relaxed destination. What to see and do in Trinidad.

4. To get to know a more rural and lost area between mountains, reach Viñales, in the north of the island. The town is not very big but with its colonial houses (and better yet ... its restaurants) it will conquer you (you and many other tourists). In its surroundings there are some surprises and if you want to learn how to make Cuban cigars ... this is your place. What to see and do in Viñales.

5. On the outskirts of Trinidad you can take a tour of the Valle de los Ingenios (to go there are taxis that offer the 25CUC tour). Do not miss a visit to Hacienda Manaza Iznaga, one of the most faithful examples of Cuban colonial mansions. And if you do not suffer from vertigo go up to its tower: the views from up there are spectacular

6. Visit Havana, the capital of Cuba and its soul. The center is a little architectural gem, but also give other neighborhoods a chance. You will find yourself a decadent city, however you will fall in love with its environment, its colors and its people. There is no other city like it in the world. What to see and do in Havana.

7. Another of the experiences that you have to live in Cuba is riding in an "almendrón", those old cars but so well cared for and colorful. Along with the Lada, it is the typical Cuban car that ... actually ... is from the United States! When Fidel came to power, the majority of Americans living in the country fled, leaving all their belongings on the island. Among which were these cars that were distributed among the Cubans.

8. Whether you are a professional dancer or if you cannot even follow in the footsteps of the little birds, in Cuba you have to join a salsa class. Or at least dare to take a few steps in a bar where there is always music. Silence is not an option in Cuba, this is clear.

9. After Havana, Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in the country and is well worth a visit if you have at least 3 weeks of time. Also, if you travel in July, you will be caught by the carnival, one of the largest celebrations on the island.

10. If you are making the way from Havana to Trinidad, we recommend making a stop in Cienfuegos. It is a beautiful city that can be visited in a couple of hours.

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