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Egypt stretches 1,000 kilometers from south to north and expands on both sides of the Nile River leaving a world of monuments and deserts. If we travel with enough time, here is a list of the best places to visit and the essential plans to do in Egypt. So if you have planned to start looking for some places where you can travel with the family, do not stop reading this article and start planning that trip that you deserve so much, we started ...

Cairo Old Town
To understand the history of Egypt is to understand the past of the country beyond pyramids and pharaohs. The Arabs and the Copts left a legacy that can be felt in the Old City of Cairo, in neighborhoods such as Khan El Khalili, in the Alabaster Mosque of the Saladin Citadel, in the Ibn Tulum Mosque, in the Coptic neighborhood 

Elephantine Island visit
Aboard one of these felucca you can reach one of the last settlements of the Nubian people, Elephantine Island. On this island of Aswan the descendants of the ancient kingdom endure, painting their houses in bright colors to the amazement of the tourist.

Cairo Egyptian Museum
Many of the treasures of Ancient Egypt are here, in this old colonial-style building in the middle of the noisy capital. Tutankhamun's collection and mask are a must-see while in Cairo.
In 2020, its new location will be inaugurated, on the outskirts of Giza, and it will then be the largest archaeological museum in the world.

Know the Western Desert
Going into the Egyptian desert is one of the greatest adventures that the country offers, to visit amazing places such as the White Desert. But in recent years, for security reasons, routes have been quite limited. It is essential that you get hold of a trustworthy agency and that you know the challenges of the desert well.

Giza pyramids
 The classical pyramids of the Giza plateau are the most famous, but if you want to go further, you should not miss either the Saqqara and Dahshur ones.
In Giza, at dusk, a light show adorns the triangular facades and the sphinx.

Luxor Temple
It is one of the best known archaeological remains, due to its good state of preservation and because it is practically in the center of the town. You can reach it on your own, both during the day (when it is open) and at night (to be able to admire it illuminated).

Alexandria city
The Nile has always ended here, and perhaps it can be said that the modernity of Egypt began here. Facing the Mediterranean, he saw the coming of new civilizations that influenced the evolution of Egyptian culture for centuries. Today it is the second most important city in the country and a very interesting visit for tourists. It can be reached in a few hours by train from Cairo.

Hurghada Beaches
When one tires of temples or can no longer bear the arid desert air, the most common escape route is Hurghada and the turquoise waters that bathe it. This Red Sea beach destination can be reached by private car or public bus from Luxor, or by plane from Cairo.

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