Saturday, May 16, 2020


Surely you are looking for some options to travel with the whole family, now that we are all at home I write you in the different articles some suggestions that you can visit and that are very expensive for us, so take note and it is your turn to make that dream trip With some of the articles that I leave you here, we begin ...

  • Churches of Tigray

Hidden as lost treasures in the arid landscape, the ancient rock churches of Tigray are a fascinating counterpoint to the famous temples of the city of Lalibela. Of undeniable historical and artistic importance, partly carved out of the rock and partly built, most are located on remote cliffs reached after long walks (sometimes even climbing), but that is also part of its appeal .

  • Montes Bale

The Ethiopian wolf is the rarest canid in the world, but on the Sanetti plateau (4,000 m), in the Bale mountains, sighting it is almost guaranteed. In addition to watching the wolves hunt down the giant mole rat, the traveler will be amazed by the forests and the Harenna escarpment. Although the mountains are ideal for trekking, it is not necessary to get off the vehicle, since you can also drive on the highest road in Africa, passable throughout the year.

  • Harar

Without a doubt, the most fascinating city in Ethiopia. Getting lost in the winding alleys of Harar is as irresistible as visiting its many museums, markets and the traditional houses of the old walled city. And then there are the hyenas. Two families are responsible for providing food and inviting travelers to do the same. These large carnivores roam the city, making it possible to cross them if you go for a walk at night: a very unique, but harmless encounter. Above: Market at Shoa Gate.

  • Aksumite tombs

For about 5000 years the monoliths were used in northeast Africa as tombs and monuments in honor of their sovereigns, being in Aksum where this tradition reached its maximum expression. Like the pyramids of Egypt, the stelae of Aksum depicted huge posters crying out for the authority and greatness of families in power. They are striking for their size, their magnificent state of preservation and their surprising modern appearance. The newer pieces, carved from a single block of granite, sport small windows, doors, and even handles and locks.

  • Ethiopian gastronomy

Eating in the Ethiopian style is a wonderful experience, both for the sense of community when sharing a table, and for the diversity of flavors and dishes, which make it one of the richest gastronomies on the continent. The first time you taste a shiro, doro wat, or tibs, it will be an experience of wonder and discovery. Among the many ideal places for a memorable meal, Yod Abyssinia in Addis Ababa is recommended.

  • Gondar

Gondar is a true historical treasure. The walls of the Imperial City are home to half a dozen medieval palaces and countless legends; As you explore them, it is easy to imagine the sumptuous celebrations they hosted. Outside the walls there are calm and evocative places, such as the Fasiladas baths, the Kuskuam complex and the Debre Birhan Selassie church, which a swarm of bees saved from the Sudanese dervishes.

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