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There is in the state of Guerrero , 30 miles from Taxco, an underground river which rises in a pit of Earth's mantle , through mountains and flows in the known caves Cacahuawamilpa . There are hundreds of people who have been to decipher the maze of surreal landscapes . With vegetation composed mostly of thorny bushes , some trees amates and fauna ranging from badgers , snakes , wild cats, deer, birds and insects of various kinds


It is one of the best small towns that is lovely, is located within a radius of 300 km around Mexico City and is considered as the center of the country's most famous silversmith. The art of silver is a pre-Hispanic legacy, the true source of national pride, accentuated when you know that Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the world. The best way to enjoy it is either walk in peace. A good option is to look and buy silver handicrafts sold in over 300 stores.

 For those who do not like marketing, visiting a dozen chapels and parishes of the people (almost all of them pleasant atrium) can be an excuse to start walking. Since then, Santa Prisca is a site that can
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