Thursday, February 27, 2014


There is in the state of Guerrero , 30 miles from Taxco, an underground river which rises in a pit of Earth's mantle , through mountains and flows in the known caves Cacahuawamilpa . There are hundreds of people who have been to decipher the maze of surreal landscapes . With vegetation composed mostly of thorny bushes , some trees amates and fauna ranging from badgers , snakes , wild cats, deer, birds and insects of various kinds
, which would seem a country setting , without much natural spectacle that attracts the common tourist, for climbers was a paradise , because in this area , nature and ancient processes have determined to leave a legacy of limestone suitable for this sport. Referencing the rock " Chonta " with the idea that the area should have good places to climb, a group of climbers researched around and found a sector that was called " yellow bark " . The area really had potential !

  The adventure begins Although there are many alternatives to reach Cacahuawamilpa , opted to go via Toluca , also through Ixtapan de la Sal Reaching the fork that goes to the famous caves , we made our first stop , because I had noticed as we must . Right there , a small restaurant stands among some other scattered geography mercy of irregular houses. We made our way through the 95 ( going towards free Taxco ) . Just three kilometers , a painted sign with black letters stated " Chonta River " and indirectly , our destination. That gap is entered Mr Bartolo enters Rosas, and bound to our Hoyanco step, but in this case, the "garden" of Bartolo served as shelter for our car and base camp for the cave is a 40 minute hike back above and prefer to carry the minimum leaving the heavier camping gear . It was barely 8:00 am and the sun threatened to achicharrarnos .

Escaping the heat , we walked along a path that viborea between trees and thousands of rocks scattered randomly all over the place , as if a mad farmer would sow stubborn with stones and that was his harvest. Some trees up to 40 meters, which guards the Hoyanco , clinging to the rocky slope that runs parallel to the ceiling. Further, the strong roots of a yellow amate growing between the cracks in the wall and under my feet the majestic space open. From the base of the cave to its outermost part , promised dome over 200 feet of climbing defying gravity .

  A climb ! And preparations began , they ordered and placed the team and couples were armed . Everyone chose their path and spiders which they are leaving behind your thread , climbers began to climb. A few meters from the ground , the wall began vertical, it was knocking . In this dance with the stone, which seem so simple from below, every square inch of the body is aware of the movement that preceded and mind in a meditative state fueled by adrenaline .

 The 30 track Hoyanco equipped for climbing, among which highlights Mala Fama, a path 190 meters long in seven extra long leaded , embossed with stalactites and as unique as insurmountable currently exist . After spending the day climbing , and with forearms exhausted , but with a rewarding feeling , we were ready to begin the retreat and, incidentally , to explore some other areas of the cave. The steady drip of certain stalactites, by filtering water and the drag of certain minerals, are solidifying and leave as a result in some areas of the cave, stalactites ( stalagmites that emerge from the floor), and some frills " rock bridges " by that you can walk in an unreal atmosphere , especially when the light filters and played with the relief of the rock. By the afternoon , a few drops , surely before touching the floor and had evaporated , amounted to freshen up a bit . Luckily , the road was going down and legs and tired, only had to deal with and overcome stones occasional obstacle. Near the entrance of Chonta salute to a group of people who went to the river and continue to our campsite .

  Directions : On Highway 95 Mexico - Cuernavaca - Cacahuawamilpa Grottoes , approximately 150 km from Mexico City Another option may be the road to Toluca 55 - Ixtapan de la Sal - Cacahuawamilpa . The area is near the caves of Cacahuamilpa . A 3 Km towards Taxco, on the right side of the road , there is a small sign ( handmade) Chonta says . Bus from Mexico City , the Taxqueña terminal and from Toluca , State of Mexico .