Friday, January 30, 2015


Among the tropical forests of the Sierra de los Tuxtlas in the state of Veracruz, we find Catemaco, full of mysticism and unique charm in Mexico people.

The world famous Catemaco is due largely to the ancient practice of witchcraft within the community of wizards, which is an
important component of regional culture and ample reason to consider Mecca of Mexican sorcerers.

While the city is frequented by thousands of visitors who follow these beliefs, Catemaco will fascinate by its various sights characterized by lavish landscapes full of vegetation, where even been shot films like Apocalypto. Here are the most attractive of this enchanted place.

What to visit?

     Laguna Catemaco

     The sight of this huge body of water is simply spectacular. Here are carried out fishing and boating tourism. For its size, it ranks among the largest lakes of Mexico. Do not miss the lush places like Isla de las Garzas and Agaltepec Island.

     Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Carmen

     It is the most important religious temple of Catemaco. In one venerates the Virgin of Carmen who attributed miracles after his supposed appearance in the place known as the Tegal.


     It is a nature reserve on the banks of the lagoon where they offer different services to make you feel in full communion with nature. Here you will meet at its best flora and fauna of the region through a guided tour through the paths of the Veracruz jungle, you'll also enjoy exfoliating mud treatments and steam baths aka prehispanic Temazcal.

     Monkey Island

     It is one of three islands located in Lake Catemaco. What is striking about this place is its large colony of macaque monkeys that live in complete freedom while Mexicans are studied by biologists. No longer a curious and fun experience to see the attitude of these sociable creatures before visiting tourists.
     Around Catemaco

     When located in one of the richest reserves of the biosphere of the planet, around Catemaco'll find places that will be amazed by its beauty. No wander too far from the city visit sites like jumping Eyipantla, the Montepío and Escondida beaches, crystal clear water pools Reyna and Dwarves or Sontecomapan impressive bar.

What to do?

     Purification of body and spirit

     During the pre-Hispanic era sorcerers were specialists in knowledge and use of medicinal plants; This gave them authority as healers of the people and the nobility. Currently in Mexico survive those practices that have nurtured African and Caribbean influences such as Santeria.

     If you want to experience some of this pre-Hispanic heritage in Catemaco, you can go to what is popularly known as a "clean". It consists of a ritual in which a sorcerer, using different herbs with healing properties, agitated surface of the patient's body trying to boot the negative energy to purify body and spirit.

What to eat?

     Catemaco food is a mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African Caribbean roots. Try dishes like mogo - mogo, a type of pancake made from banana and butter stuffed with refried beans puree and cream cheese together. The mojarras in garlic are typical of the place like the tegogolos, name given to the freshwater snails prepared with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and chile.