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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Backpacking In Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires , one of the largest in Latin America , is a cosmopolitan city and multifaceted. With evident universal influence astonishes the tourist .
It is the capital of Argentina and vital bond of the nation.
European architecture , many streets reminiscent of Paris.
Witnesses of its important cultural life is its numerous museums , exhibition halls and conference rooms , art galleries , cinemas and theaters with national and international class .
The Columbus , one of the most important opera houses in the world, is located next to various scenarios , an intense musical activity that covers all genres including of course the famous and typical Tango , and the city is frequently visited by orchestras , groups and soloists from around the globe.
Headquarters financial, investment and economic life , is the main port in the nation. Your business is very strong , as reflected in numerous local major global brands , galleries and shopping malls .
Its nightlife is varied and extends until the wee hours of the morning . Nightclubs, restaurants, bars and many other attractions for all tastes are spread throughout the city providing an offer innumerable tourists.
Your hotel capacity ranging from 5 star luxury hotels to modest lodgings international chains , including all economic levels .

Buenos Aires, has a very important nightlife, with theaters multiplicity of artistic, cultural, music, movies, etc.. With over 100 cinemas and 90 tátros, is one of the cities most intense theatrical activity in Latin America.
Its music shows are varied, where tango (in typical "tango" offering diverse shows,
especially in the San Telmo), folk, jazz, pop, rock and other musical styles with multiple options . Recitals national and international figures ...

In Buenos Aires the streets and avenues , like Florida, Corrientes , Santa Fe Av , Av Cabildo , etc. . find numerous places to shop .
Most luxury boutiques are located in the neighborhood of Recoleta .
Craft fairs are an interesting option . Lezama Park , Alvear Try Square , Centennial Park, Passage Caminito , etc. . are examples.
Antiques are San Telmo Fair is the largest and most popular .
The major malls in the city that has multiple alternatives to acquire the most diverse products.

Water Sports
The motor boating and sailing is developed across the Rio de la Plata.
In northern areas (Olivos , San Isidro ) and south ( Quilmes) , are water sports .
All Paraná Delta area ( San Fernando , Tigre , Escobar , Bell, Zárate , etc. . ) Is very suitable for water sports like boating , wind surfing , jet skiing , water skiing , rowing.
Consider also the many gaps that surround Buenos Aires ( Chascomús , Monte, Lobos, etc. . ) Are suitable for the practice of these activities.

This sport can be practiced throughout the Paraná Delta area , being captured vogues , armed and gilded catfish .
In the lagoons of Buenos Aires ( San Miguel del Monte, Chascomús , Wolves , etc. . ) The predominant species is the silverside .

Rural Tourism
In the province of Buenos Aires there are about 150 helmets stay with accommodation . From modest to luxurious , all provide various alternatives for all tastes and budgets.
You can enjoy a unique day camp or a longer stay .
In all cases, providing the ability to appreciate all aspects of country life , including in many cases the participation of visitors in daily agricultural and livestock production .
In addition , you can participate folklore shows , sample food ..

The city of Buenos Aires is first founded by Pedro de Mendoza in 1536 with the name of Santa María del Buen Ayre , denominating the fort well in honor of the virgin Sardinian sailors. The place was founded was first believed to have been in the Vuelta de Rocha ( La Boca ) , while others claim that it was probably Lezama Park ( San Telmo ) , which reached the river at that time ( to the current Av Leandro N. Alem ) before the area was reclaimed from the water.
The city was completely destroyed in 1541 and founded a second time forty-four years later in 1580 , by Juan de Garay , with an expedition that came from Asuncion in Paraguay . He gave the name of Holy Trinity and Port of Our Lady of Buenos Ayres , patron saint of sailors currently in the Metropolitan Cathedral , holding the infant Jesus in her left hand and a candle with a caravel in his right hand . This second foundation, which was on higher ground , it says he was in the vicinity of the Plaza de Mayo ( Monserrat ) . Finally the city is the call directly Buenos Aires , and the native of the city would be called Buenos Aires.
In 1776 it converted an episcopal and capital of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate by King Carlos III of Spain . Among other causes , the most important of the formation of the new Spanish viceroy was to prevent the advance Anglo - Portuguese regions of Rio de la Plata . Again with the passage of history is confronted with numerous attacks and civil wars that destroy , this time partially , depending directly on the crown of Spain until 1810 and achieving independence in 1816.
In 1860 begins its final organization , growing under the influence of European immigration and the local population displacement from rural areas.

In 1870-1871 , during the presidency of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1868-1874 ) , the city is hit by an epidemic of yellow fever and cholera that will destroy a significant part of the population, until finally the eradication (eliminating the salting , which were a cause ) . Therefore begin to build new homes to the north , emerging new neighborhoods like Recoleta , Palermo and Belgrano because part of the population left the area of the first neighborhoods located south as La Boca , San Telmo and Montserrat .
In 1880 Buenos Aires was declared Capital Federal Argentina and designates the Belgrano neighborhood to host government administrative authorities for a period of time.
The city evolved during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with refined European style , test them is its wide avenues and picturesque streets , the forest walks , and mansions and public buildings were designed by renowned architects .

In 1918 , the onset of winter , it snowed for the first time in the city . It was something unusual and totally unexpected , because the weather in the city is mild with an average temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius. Incredibly, in the winter of 2007, he repeated this strange phenomenon to Buenos Aires .
In 1956 the city in solidarity against polio epidemic to confront and defeat the scourge . Among various measures was performed deep cleaning fronts of buildings and public spaces and vacant lots .
The capital called Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Government is surrounded by the province of Buenos Aires and the Rio de la Plata , and is divided into forty-seven districts . ( the famous tango of the "Hundred Porteño Neighborhoods " , sung by Alberto Castillo really is just a metaphor ) .
1972 26,607 The ordinance lists and sets limits for the following neighborhoods : Agronomy , Almagro , Balvanera, Barracks , Belgrano, Boca , boedo , Caballito, Coghlan , Constitution , College, Chacarita , Flores, Floresta , Liniers, Slaughter, Monte Castro , Monserrat , New Pompeii, Núñez , Palermo, Avellaneda Park , Parque Chacabuco , Parque Patricios , Paternal , Recoleta , Retiro , Saavedra , San Cristobal, San Nicolas , San Telmo , Velez Sarsfield , Versailles , Villa Crespo , Villa Park , Villa Devoto, Villa General Mitre , Villa Ortúzar , Villa Pueyrredón , Villa Lugano , Villa halide, Villa Real, Villa Creek , Villa Santa Rita , Villa Soldati , and Villa Urquiza . Then the decree 106 of 1996 adheres to the provisions listed the neighborhood of Puerto Madero .

Places like Downtown ( San Nicolas ) , Barrio Sur (Monserrat , San Telmo and Order) , Congress (Monserrat ) , Eleven ( balvanera ) , Barrio Norte (Recoleta , Palermo and Retiro) , The Island (Recoleta ) , Barrio Parque (Palermo ) , Palermo Soho (Palermo ) , the straws (Palermo ) , and some others are names of zones or areas within the city 's neighborhoods .
At present about fourteen million people live in Buenos Aires and its suburbs where its different and attractive neighborhoods reflect that you are in one of the largest metropolises in the world , also known as the Queen 's Plate.

The city has an ongoing activity and proof of this is that many bars , cafes , pizzerias and restaurants stay open until the wee hours , especially on Thursday , Friday and Saturday . The restaurants located in neighborhoods like Puerto Madero , Recoleta, Palermo and areas like Costanera Norte , Palermo Soho , Palermo Hollywood and Las straws maintain their services and kitchen open until after 24 hours .
The Buenos Aires nightlife exists in pubs , bars and places where you can listen to tango , jazz , rock and blues , or appreciate one-person shows or group shows .

The clubs open past midnight now , and there are sites with Latin rhythm music , carioca and pop. They are attractive complex of restaurants and discos located in Puerto Madero , Palermo and North Coast area .

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