Monday, November 4, 2013


MAZUNTE This small coastal town in Oaxaca for years has been a tourist destination of choice for young people looking for a life of peace and have no problem with camping or stay in a simple hotel. Here there will be no luxury hotels or large resorts , however the places of accommodation are so simple that austerity seems to be the main concept surrounding this village . Although it has slowly gotten a little development , places like " architect inn " are full of personality and cabins have basic amenities. A few years ago due to the prohibition of the marketing of the turtle, the inhabitants had to create Mazunte Natural Cosmetics , which are made with local materials . Here you can visit the factory to see the process of manufacturing these products. Mazunte is a hippie destination , the smell of marijuana is in the air and many young people around the world
come here to have a good time . Punta comet is a spectacular place to see the sunset and although the sea is not calm, with a little precaution can make the most

  CERVANTINO FESTIVAL Surely many have heard about the International Cervantes Festival, which takes many cultural activities and exhibitions both in music, theater, exhibitions. However, the Cervantes has another face, the face "partying" and that is the appeal for the thousands of young people who go every year. The streets are filled with people trying to live all the experiences offered by the Cervantes but do so with a bit of alcohol in the blood. Party, party and party is what you can find in Guanajuato during this festival, all day and all night. Local bars open their doors to welcome all visitors, although undoubtedly the street is the main bar. The hotels are usually full for the festival, but there are people who tend to rent rooms in their homes for youth who come to the party.

  Dens IN DF The nightlife in Mexico is unique and is always in constant motion. You can find more strawberry from the antrum (RAGGA, James, Sens, Janis, etc..) Which appear to be in a walkway to a bar in the center that will have the best environment (Downtown, Pasagüero, Zinco or Marrakech). Supply can not finish you there because today there are options for everyone (both in type of place as in prices). Cantabares, bars, liquor stores, mezcalerías, pulque, sakerías, tequilerías, whiskey houses, bars, private clubs and nightclubs with a capacity for over 2,000 people a night, are some of the options that you can not miss in the capital of Mexico. What is necessary is to have the best attitude to have fun because surely end up exhausted from the party live.

  CANCUN SpringBreakers It seems to be the antithesis of Mazunte . Cancun is the favorite destination for spring breakers from several decades ago . Beach, sea , sand, sun , sculpted bodies , clubs and especially many young drunk , is the overall picture that destination this season. Without a doubt a "must" live this experience at least once in your life , especially before age 30. There are plenty of hotels that are willing to receive the springbreakers with all inclusive packages , passes to clubs, free alcohol and the occasional tourist activity that surely no one practiced by how raw it is handled in the mornings. The SpringBreakers not have the best reputation in the destination and needless to say we must take precautions. OASIS hotel chain is one of the most sought after this season because of the low price ( do not expect the best quality) and are often full. The nightclub that is timeless is constantly renewing COCOBONGO shows and with the word 'free ' enough to woo travelers .

  MICHIGAN BEACH This is the only place on the list that I have not visited yet made ​​a "census" with my friends and was among the most votes. This beach in Guerrero is a favorite place for young people who want to experience a truly austere . The tranquility is what abounds in this place, as most visitors prefer camping to seashore. The activities you can do here will depend on what you want to do. You can play cards, chess , surfing or just light a fire and be with your friends enjoying the scenery. Some alligators are communities which is an extra attraction in this location, the food is excellent and the stay is very cheap. The only drawback is the amount of mosquitoes that harbor here , but a very good repellent will completely enjoy this experience. These are the five destinations I recommend, for nothing means that you can not visit after 30 , but with age the tastes and priorities evolve like everything else.