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Balancán Attractions • Reform Falls Ecological Reserve • Reform Maya archaeological site • Dr. José Gómez panaco Museum • San Pedro River • Sport fishing • Laguna Popalillo • Bank of Acatlan Mirador

  Reform Falls Ecological Reserve In this place, the San Pedro River , a tributary of the Usumacinta , Form 4 successive magnificent waterfalls at a time, to fall , forming large natural spas also one of the most beautiful scenery in the area. The spa has palapas , bathrooms, grills , tables and ample parking.

  Dr. Jose Gomez panaco Museum Displays an attractive collection of Mayan
Culture monoliths exhibiting , stelae, polychrome pottery , utilitarian , anthropomorphic figurines , etc. . It also has a temporary exhibition hall . Open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 17:00 hrs.

  San Pedro River For lovers of adventure , organize a tour of the San Pedro River in the municipality of Balancán , is unforgettable . Enjoy beautiful scenery , lush jungle and ever happen to visit important archaeological sites of the Mayan culture .

  Ruta Sierra TEAPA Region of hills , rain forests and sulphurous waters has an extensive and varied fauna as well as plenty of caves, caverns and grottoes , which represents a great challenge for Speleism activities , abseiling and hiking.

  Attractions : • Natural Monument Coconá Grottoes • Natural Spa Rio Puyacatengo • Hacienda & Spa " The Sulphurs " • Botanical Garden San Ramon • St. James Temple • Temple of Esquipulas • Museo José Natividad Correa Tosca • Cave of the Marbles

  Cocona Caves National Monument They are definitely a unique gallery of landscapes. These magnificent caves masterpiece of nature through the centuries have shaped the land and water , forming whimsical figures on a journey of nearly five hundred meters divided into eight rooms . They are an excellent choice for those who want to see the wonders of the underworld.

  Natural Spa Rio Puyacatengo It is one of 3 major rivers Teapa Township . The surroundings offer a pleasant view consists of the river framed by towering mountains that border it . Along its banks there are several resorts where you can taste typical local dishes or enjoy adventure in its mighty waters .

  Hacienda " The Sulphurs " Ecology , health and nature come together in this beautiful place that has natural pools of sulphurous thermal waters with healing properties , framed with green shading in the area. Facilities include a restaurant and comfortable rooms with air conditioning.

  Tacotalpa Attractions : • Villa Tapijulapa • Ecological Reserve Villaluz • Cave of the Blind Sardines • Living traditions : "Ritual of the Sardine Fishery " • Ecotourism Center Kolem - Jaa ' • Rivers and Amatán Oxolotán • House Museum Tomas Garrido • Ex Convent and Museum Oxolotán Sierra • Ecotourism Center Kolem ' Chen • Garden of God • Cuesta Caves Arroyo Girl and Sparkle • wicker craft workshops Tapijulapa Just 3 kms . of Tapijulapa this place is magical mystical zoques beautiful waterfalls , sulfur springs spa , caves and lush vegetation. Similarly museum is the home of former Governor Tomas Garrido showing archaeological Zoque , handicrafts and consultation room .

  Free admission . Open: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs. Kolem Jaa ' Naturraleza resort , your name, Chol language means " the greatness of the water." This wonder of nature has a wonderful set of waterfalls, botanical gardens and trails as well as food service and lodging in comfortable cabins . This center offers adventure activities such as mountain biking, caving, rafting , abseiling , canoping , photographic safaris , camping and zipline among others. Reports: 01 (993) 3143192 , 314.3194 and 314.5924

  Cave of the Blind Sardines Located in Villa Luz , this cave is of great interest to geologists and biologists sulfur formations and strange blind fish and insects that inhabit it. In this place takes place during Holy Week , one of the most important cultural events of the entity , the traditional pre-Hispanic dance , " Fisheries of the Sardine" .

  Rivers and Amatán Oxolotán Majestic rivers descending from the mountains worthy enjoyed as spas and ideal for extreme activities where you can go rafting on rafts in the rainy season .

  Ex Convent and Museum Oxolotán Sierra In Oxolotán testimony is the only colonial entity founded by Franciscans in 1633. It has interesting architectural details and next to the temple is the Oxolotán Museum which consists of four rooms with colonial artworks and wooden sculptures . Open Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.

  The Garden of God Natural area where you can enjoy the splendor of a botanical garden that offers guided tours for different medicinal plant species (some endangered ) and a deer farm and nursery , all in an atmosphere of peace , learning and health.

  macuspana Attractions : • White Water State Park • Grottoes Ixta - Ja '

  Agua Blanca State Park It is a protected natural area with 2,025 acres of forest , flora and fauna. There are beautiful waterfalls that flow with great force from a cave , sliding down the rocks and forming pools that invite a refreshing swim. Way above Caves reach Ixta - Ja ' ( Agua Blanca ), with caves ( levels 1-3) of impressive dimension within which trails are lighted . This place is ideal for caving , abseiling and hiking ( guided by skilled personnel ) .