Thursday, November 7, 2013


A beautifully restored historic center welcomes Manzanillo , in the state of Colima. It is perhaps one of the busiest commercial ports in Mexico , but still retains the warm atmosphere of a small town. The center is located east of the Bay of Manzanillo. Cheer for a drive for its attractions. The garden Alvaro Obregon , the main square , faces the sea and offers a beautiful view of the bay . It is one of the main attractions of the center and is the perfect place to soak in the tranquil atmosphere while tasting water tuba, a drink very representative of the state of Colima made ​​from coconut water. In the evening , people go out to enjoy live music and dancing. In the surrounding streets there are numerous bars , restaurants , boutiques and shops. With its recent renovation , the historic center of town regained its appearance Buenos Aires. The surrounding buildings have been painted white, and
many streets are pedestrian access only , to make your journey more enjoyable .

A large turquoise sculpture depicting a sailfish, overlooking the ocean from the end of the center . At dusk , the dancing fountains entertain passers of this quiet corner . Take your time to walk along the boardwalk of Manzanillo , while watching small fishing vessels and sculptures made ​​by local artists . The boardwalk extends just over 1.5 miles along the coast. Make for yourself a place on the benches and watch people go by while enjoying a picturesque panorama of the bay. Do not forget to take a picture with the Pacific Ocean beyond . For many, a visit to the local market of Manzanillo is one of the most recommended , since you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a Mexican market while searching among the colorful local fresh products from the sea. It is also possible to admire and acquire a variety of handicrafts such as hammocks , figures made with coconut, handicrafts , leather goods and handmade jewelry .

  Manzanillo , the sailfish capital of the world
Those who like outdoor activities and adventure sports in Manzanillo find a place to unleash their energy. One of the most popular sports in its coast is the fishing. Thousands of anglers meet here annually to enjoy the charm and generosity of this Mexican destination . The deep waters of Manzanillo have abundant marine life . All year you can catch sailfish and marlin , however , the best time to visit Manzanillo and capture a good specimen is from November to March. It is precisely in November when we celebrate the International Sailfish Tournament , which attracts anglers from all over the world .
 The impressive population of sailfish off the coast of Manzanillo has earned him this port titled " Sailfish Capital of the World ." A blue sculpture 25 meters high depicting this fish has been erected in front of the beach , in the garden of the historic center of the port. Other species that inhabit the surrounding waters of Manzanillo are the goldfish, giant tuna , roosterfish , verdillo , saw Ridley , dolphin , snapper and yellowtail snapper . Hire a fishing boat in Manzanillo and courageous discover how good you are . Do not forget that , being in the sailfish capital of the world , you have great chances of catching something really big. Then you can decide if you return your copy to the sea or you take it to the bank where you leave ready so that you can take with you. No matter what you decide to do with your prey , fishing in Manzanillo is definitely a memorable experience.

  Manzanillo : A favorite destination in the Pacific
Manzanillo was not widely known to international audiences until the shooting of the film 10 , starring Bo Derek showed her its beautiful scenery and resorts . The 16 miles of beaches are lined with pleasant Manzanillo restaurants and resorts and also brilliant find another 12 miles of pristine beaches to explore. Some of them are not for swimming, but to take pictures because of the unusual dark golden tone and the forms that we find as a result of its unique geology and volcanic ash in the area. Unlike many other resorts , the main things to see and do here , are usually hidden in the lush tropical foliage along the beach .
 If you and your partner are nature lovers will love to rent a car and visit natural sites near Manzanillo . Find ecological reserves with turtles , iguanas and reptiles all types of small and large , and can navigate by boat along the mangrove vegetation in the marshes. Barra de Navidad , 24 kilometers away, also has spectacular resorts and is a wonderful place for couples , especially those who like to play golf .