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DONATO VILLA WAR March 17, 2008 · by admin · in State of Mexico If you wander through the streets of Attezi ( Mazahua term difficult to translate ) , meet different areas within a few hours , it does not mean that there are finished your walk, as in the vicinity of the county seat several favorable sites to deliver a healthy healthy walks and reflections.

A fabulous journey between ocotales and towering pines . When you get to the lookout stop. From the vantage point you will see the tower and dome of the temple of the Assumption , 16th century . Once you've wandered from the heights of the century villa, you will step through the streets to finish in El Salto, where the water falls from a height of nearly 60 meters. As fall is on private property is accessed only his prodigy on Saturdays. Was
determined as an ecological reserve monarch to an area covering 16 thousand 110 hectares located between the municipalities of Ocampo, Angangueo , Zitácuaro and Contepec in Michoacan , and the municipalities of Donato Guerra Villa Allende , Temascalcingo and San Felipe del Progreso , in the State of Mexico .

  Location : Donato Guerra is bounded to the north by San José Villa de Allende, to the southeast by Amanalco Becerra , south on Valle de Bravo, to the west by Ixtapan Gold and northwest by Michoacán. Directions : To transfer to Malacatepec recommend you take the federal highway number 15 in its stretch - Zitácuaro Toluca , at the height of the monument to Miguel Aleman deviation leading to Valle de Bravo is located. To the right are the facilities Cutzamala Hydroelectric System , do not ever raise your camera for a picture , if you do have serious problems with the Army . Monument to the deviation leads you to Donato Guerra 's 17.5 miles and then seven more to the center of town . Reserve of the monarchs : A half hour from downtown , taking the west road leading to Zitácuaro , you get to San Juan Xoconusco , hence the Capulin and Macheros , starting points to climb for an hour and a half by the Cerro Pelon to sanctuaries monarchs to 3000 located 40 meters above the sea level.

  When to go: The whole year is good season. If you want to see monarch , the season starts in late October .

  Where to eat : Only eateries that sell Mexican food , in shops bitter ( made ​​of medicinal herbs, excellent for digestion and stomach ailments , is so bitter that almost always served with anise ) are sold , the prodigious ( more bitter than bitter with excellent healing properties ) and mountain tea ( infusion is prepared when the wild plant is tender ) . Furthermore, we provide traditional liquors blackberry, quince, apple and chokecherry .

  Where to sleep : Family Posada Don Pancho, Porfirio Diaz Street 29 , tel. 01 ( 726 ) 2690-150 . Five rooms . Breakfast , lunch and dinner on request . Other accommodation options in Valle de Bravo ( 21 kilometers ) .