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This territory was part of the Nuevo Santander and understood what would become Tamaulipas, part of Nuevo Leon and southern Texas , it was one of the last provinces in northern New Spain. When Don José Escandon was governor of Tamaulipas, was responsible for founding towns like Camargo , Reynosa , Laredo and many more along the Rio Grande. The May 15, 1755 he ordered Captain Thomas Sanchez of Laredo founded St. Augustine , who with three families received permission to settle near a ford used by Indians reeds . In 1767 officially given the name

Villa de San Agustin de Laredo, in honor to a town in Santander, Spain , native land of General Escandon . Now , Laredo listed as one of the few surviving Spanish colonies north of the river . With the annexation of Texas in 1845 , Laredo became the EU , there was war , and in that time several prominent citizens asked laredenses Laredo continue to be a Mexican village . Many of these people who wanted to retain their citizenship, crossed the river to settle on the Mexican side . On 15 July unveiled
Andrés Martínez , last mayor of Laredo, the new dividing line . Thus, some of these men founded in 1848 the population of Nuevo Laredo. With the loss of the Villa de San Agustin de Laredo, who joined Texas law , the government moved to the south and the new town was named Villa de Nuevo Laredo.

  Directions : You reach the City by National Highway 85 , which connects Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City , DF The journey takes 10 hours traveling by bus, which leaves the Central TAPO . If you decide to travel by air avia, estimated flight time is 1 hour 30 minutes . Aeromar Airlines may be , Aerocalifornia , Aeroméxico . Long distance code : 867

climate: Nuevo Laredo is located in a region of dry - steppe climate , so it has some characteristics of a natural steppe region , such as shortage of rain and temperature extremes , hot summers of 42 degrees Celsius and very cold winters least 3 degrees . Where to eat : El Rancho ( Mexican food ) Av Guerrero 2134 Phone (867) 714-8018 Typical Mexico ( Mexican food ) Av Guerrero 934 Phone (867) 712-1525 jalapeños Ciudad del Carmen 5954 Phone (867) 710-8886 Where to sleep : Fiesta Inn Nuevo Laredo ( 4 *) Reforma 5530, Col. Lagos Phone (867) 711-4444 and 01 800 504-5000 Hilton Garden Inn Nuevo Laredo ( 4 *) Av Reforma 5102 , Col. Ex Custom Patios Phone (867) 711-4600 Real Executive Motel ( 3 *) Channels 2021, Centre Phone (867) 712-0878

Tips: This place is an important center of transactions, as more than a quarter of the total activity of international trade in Mexico outward crosses Nuevo Laredo , making important business are handled in this part of the country.