Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Marquesa is a natural park. The official name , although hardly anyone knows what is Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Insurgent Park. It is located half in the State of Mexico , occupying the towns of Ocoyoacac , and Lerma Huixquilucan Villada .
The other half in Mexico City on Cuajimalpa delegation of Morelos. This natural park full of conifers , mountains and creeks offers many options for fun and entertainment . Since a good horse ride to a tour of the place on foot. From flying a kite to eat at a little stand . From a race bike with friends to a good game of football. I have gone several times to La Marquesa. One of my favorite options is to go in the morning for breakfast. The lamb consommé , broth mushroom , soup bone , all to
gain strength and warmth. You can also enjoy the rabbit in some stalls that are put on the edge of the Mexico- Toluca , shortly after the free meet and share .

The quesadillas are a delight. There are cheese , potatoes, squash blossoms , brains , mushrooms , pork , cottage cheese ... Some are normal omelet omelette or blue , both handmade at the time . The tlacoyos cracklings or bean are formidable , andI say about the trout ! Traditional papered , baked with butter , cooked with herbs . And finally a good champurrado or a coffee pot , because in the cold and the mist that usually in La Marquesa , they filled energy and helps recover the temperature. It is common to fly kites. In my experience, the trick is to make yourself your kite with Chinese paper , a tail made ​​of rags and fly it with hemp thread . Yes , it is common to see children and adults fly them very high , and among friends make little wars kite to pull the other. It's fun to deal with wind always abounding in the sky of La Marquesa. Go bike riding with friends can be unforgettable . It is however a risky issue because that rent motorbikes have very little if not no maintenance.

 The exercise of the walk or run around the park is usually packed . The uneven terrain allowed us to train all the muscles of the legs. If you 're not used to exercising, it will be impossible to get up the next morning. Now if it comes to exercise , because the hiking is one of the sports most exploited in La Marquesa. Especially in the mountain Tlaloc , where you can still see traces of the worship of the god of rain . The riding is really fun , if we choose a good animal. I say this because there are some that do not even move . Others , though , better not get on unless we are already accustomed to charrería or we like to go to Santa Fe Rodeo . The park , comprising 1,760 acres , adjacent to the Desert of the Lions . On the way we can also see El Zarco , famous dam in which trout are grown. It is located near the Mexico- Toluca , at the height of 34 KM . Reached by constituents or Av Paseo de la Reforma , take either the toll road or free road. It is advisable to bring a good jacket because the cold is intense all day ...

 And do not say at night. Lower temperatures reach freezing and there are times when the fog is very dense and even snowfall is dense at times of very cold. When leaving the park do not forget our fires off , collect our garbage , make the collection to pay the restaurant bill and tell us you do not miss any couple. Yes, this park is for us to enjoy each and must be looked after , and for couples , not lost for long.