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Monday, February 17, 2014

mouth of the river, veracruz, 5 Places to visit

Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of Jamapa River, south of the city of Veracruz , this small fishing village is famous for its beaches , for the mischief with which its inhabitants sing jarochos sones and especially for his cooking with seafood . Boca del Río as well as being the seat of modern hotels and shopping centers , is also a journey through the history with its old colonial buildings where you can glimpse the history of our country. In turn, the cuisine is characterized by dishes prepared with
seafood delicacies like minilla , ceviche , cocktails , chilpachole crab and fish fillet stuffed with seafood, which holds the Guinness Record as the largest world . Veracruz presents five places that you can not miss when visiting this location.

  Playa Mocambo Mocambo Beach , located in the hotel zone just 8 miles south of the port of Veracruz, has a soft wave , and its amplitude allows the practice of sports , water activities , boat rides and ride along the sea. It has palapas, lounge chairs and dining. In the surrounding area you can also find nightclubs and modern malls and even a convention center . To get there you need to take Ruiz Cortines boulevard leading to the hotel zone.

  The River Jamapa The Jamapa River, which empties into the Gulf waters and gives the name to the municipality of Boca del Rio, offers tours where you can admire the natural beauty , flora and fauna. One of the tours is to Little Venice Veracruz , which passes through the fractionation El Estero , with its imposing residences with access to the river or swamp. The tour through the quiet channels can appreciate these luxurious residences among which are the ruins of one of the properties that belonged to the Countess of Malibran . You can also visit the Island of Love , where it says Agustin Lara and María Félix began their romance, plus you can enjoy the famous seafood restaurants that are in the area.

  The historic center In the historic center , also known as the "Heart of Boca " and which still retains its traditional feel , located in the surrounding important points : the Municipal Palace , the Zocalo and the Church of St. Anne in this area that are carried out traditional festivals, it is possible to admire the sunset from the boulevard , visit a seafood restaurant and listen to the music of singers and revelers in its streets .

  The gunboat Guanajuato The Cannoneer Guanajuato is a ship was for many years the flagship of the Navy of Mexico served and participated freighter carrying groceries. Today is the only museum ship in the country , opening its doors to the public to know the history of the Mexican Navy and the great memories of their adventures. The interactive museum displays the ancient libraries , bridge, bedrooms, dungeons and many fascinating places that are of interest to children, youth and adults, also has a playground for creativity and marina virtual war zone. The entrance fee is 46 pesos for adults and 29 pesos for children up to 10 years.

  The Nahuatl source The Nahuatl source is another attraction located in the heart of Boca , amid the Civic Plaza " Benito Juárez " between the central plaza and kiosk. Its name means " sound of water " and lives up to the pre-Hispanic roots boqueño people through a display of light, sound and dancing waters . The multicolor spectacle offered by the dancing waters of the fountain operates from a high-tech program that lets you synchronize emissions jets with light and sound, creating different shapes and flashes that enliven the Civic Plaza at the same while creating awareness about water conservation and traditions . The Museum of Archaeology , spring flags, the cultural center , the museum house of Agustin Lara and showrooms are other attractions to enjoy in Boca del Río.