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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playa Paraiso, Mexico, white sand, turquoise water

White sand , turquoise water , fallen coconuts on the beach and a coral reef 50 meters from your towel . With such a natural spectacle , the place call Paradise Beach may be too easy , comfortable . But is that in this part of Mexico use the time to really important things like rest and enjoy life ...

 The Mexican Caribbean can go in many different ways . Most choose the all inclusive hotel, with pool , private beach and alcohol free bar . It's an option . For me, an unfortunate choice. Parallel to the coast road down between the green of
the media jungle and the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea. A wonder of nature . Among them , only 100 km from Cancun is Playa Paraiso swilling .

Next to the ruins of Tulum . Several kilometers with fine white sand , sea and inexplicable tranquility that is the essence of his spirit and rest. Here time passes differently. No hassles . Calmly . As if aware that his slow walk is not important. You sit in your hammock , you breathe deeply and let the day go passing between margaritas and burritos, between tequila and chicken mole . At your own pace . I repeat . You ask and you'll see them when you bring it . The important thing is to enjoy the place and a paradise like this, enjoy life .