Monday, March 24, 2014


You get to Playa del Carmen , the spring seethes with activity, you form in line and embark . A few minutes you are in the island of Cozumel. Your Caribbean charm attracts thousands of visitors every year. The same passenger cruise ships that dock for a few hours on the island, or fans of diving in search of underwater paradise Mexican and whose stays are prolonged for weeks. No missing admiring nature enthusiasts or
those just looking for a few days of total relaxation. The Maya of ancient times established in Cozumel ceremonial centers and trading ports .

Centuries later the island that shipping has not lost importance . The major cruise lines have here a port of arrival. Its passengers have the opportunity to discover one day the traditions of the island 's natural wonders and the only urban center of the place : the village of San Miguel . In this place , there is an extensive choice of restaurants, cafes , boutiques and colorful shops offering souvenirs and Mayan crafts. If you decide to walk along the boardwalk , plus a gentle walk , you can admire a lot of sculptures and monuments. Despite being a highly visited resort , San Miguel no waiver of that quiet and provincial air that attracts visitors . It was in 1961 when the famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel as one of the most spectacular dive sites , becoming unwittingly at best publicist island. Thus was begun the international fame of this destination. Since then , people from all over the world come to discover firsthand the wonders of the aquatic ecosystem.

 The turquoise crystal waters of Cozumel has become one of the cities most famous diving and snorkeling in the world. For novice and experienced professionals , immersion in the waters of the island is always one of the best live experiences . The number of reefs and dive sites is sufficient for you to visit two day stay here for several months admiring the marine life. Ecotourism as Chankanaab Park and Faro Celerain are most wanted to see marine life , either superficially snorkeling or diving a long dive . Other adventure activities you can find here are visits to the forest walks botanical gardens, swim with dolphins programs and visits to turtle sanctuaries.

 If you prefer to escape the areas with high tourist season , no problem , as an island 48 miles long by 16 wide, is large enough to wander for hours and find lonely places in the forest or discover secluded beaches , since only 6% of the island has urban development. Despite its proximity to the mainland , you can easily find in Cozumel isolation and introspective for a quiet holiday . Whatever your goal , for some peaceful days , no noise, and a deep sleep , to more extreme adventures , Cozumel is ideal for your next vacation.