Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Now the cold is over and with it went excuses to stay home . This is the perfect time to start planning our next adventures time. So , here are 15 spectacular camping options within Mexico and commune with nature , practice extreme ( or not so) sports look amazing landscapes and , above all, to know more of the
enormous wealth that our country offers .

  1. El Chico National Park, Hidalgo. This is one of the most popular adventure parks , as well as the natural beauty it offers, has a vast infrastructure for camping in any of its three camps ( Dos Aguas, Rabbits and Cedros ) . All platforms have cabins and camping . There are trails for bike rides , and you can practice rappelling and climbing on rocks as Las Ventanas , which has a height of 3000 90 meters above sea level. Also ideal for walk : guided by specialized staff visits are a great opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of the area . From the viewpoint of the rock El Cuervo 's great views of the fir forest and Mineral del Chico.

  2. Playa San Agustinillo , Oaxaca . Camping at the beach provides unparalleled sense : there is something special about gathering around a campfire under the moonlight , while the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks listening . Unlike Mazunte, Zipolite and Puerto Angel , just minutes away, this beach has little semivirgen influx of tourists, which ensures peace of mind that blends with the sea , the surf is gentle . This, coupled with the slightly inclined slope of the coast , makes this a perfect setting for swimming and fishing. A few minutes in Mazunte , you must visit the Mexican Turtle Center , where you can meet species worldwide ( the coast of this region receive the olive ridley in the second half of the year) , in addition to the botanical garden cactus, with characteristic flora of Oaxaca.

  3 Area of Protection of Flora and Fauna Cuatro Cienegas ( Cuatro Cienegas Valley ) , Coahuila. There is no way to talk about Cuatro Cienegas without mentioning its uniqueness : it is a basin formed by a system of ponds , streams and rivers , along with the salty soil , has led to a unique ecosystem in the world, decorated by striking gypsum dunes and vegetation unsurpassed . One of the endemic species of turtle is the hinge region , and there is also a huge variety of colorful fish , which offer a wonderful place for snorkeling and snorkelers show. For swimming there as Mezquites river. In the Poza de la Becerra and the Poza Azul no camping facilities : palapas , grills , dressing and food sales. Also great for rappelling , mountain biking and canoeing. Tip: Do not forget to bring your camera.

  4 . Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park, Baja California. This is an ideal place for lovers of extreme adventure destination : offers the opportunity to practice rappelling and rock climbing at the Picacho del Diablo (and still there, you may prefer to call it by its other name , Cerro de la Encantada ) plus canyoning , cycling mountain , hiking and horseback riding . Located in Ensenada, this region is home to several species of conifers that harbor endemic species, such as bighorn sheep . Get ready to witness amazing night, with the sky full of stars like nowhere else. There is free here the National Astronomical Observatory is located in the Cerro called the Dome . The weather is good for most of the year, but it is ideal to visit in the summer , the ice can hinder access during the winter.

  5. Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul , Campeche . If you're interested in learning more about Mexico , but do not want to let go of adventure , this is the place for you. In its vicinity is YAAX'CHE Camp , right on the road leading to the Calakmul archaeological site , the main attraction of the reserve. There is a restaurant serving regional food, you can rent a tent and bikes for long walks in the forest, which is full of endemic flora and fauna ( it is home to a huge population of jaguars ) . At night campfires and storytelling and legends of the town are organized. Prepare for oscurísimas nights when all you hear is the sound of mosquitoes (do not forget to bring a good repellent ) , and to awaken to the sound of howler monkeys. Getting there is not easy , but we assure you it's worth every difficulty.

  6 Agua Azul , Chiapas. The natural attractions of this site is unparalleled , and the diversity of its bodies of water make it ideal for groups with different interests and degrees of daring fate : there are natural pools where you can swim peacefully and strong currents to rafting upriver. The waterfalls are formed by tributaries of the Otulún , Tulijá Shumuljá and rivers. The intense blue hue of its waters , which are combined with colorful vegetation and unique wildlife ( toucans and spider monkeys yellow neck , for example) , it is also a perfect setting for photographers and tireless hikers. At the end of a long day , the perfect place to set up camp site is on the banks of Tulijá .

  7 The Malintzi National Park, Tlaxcala. Pine and covered with a thick fog, various water sources , streams , birds, rabbits , armadillos, teporingos and a huge variety of wild flowers encino . All that gives this national park, located in the foothills of the volcano La Malinche , municipality Huamantla , making it the favorite place of photographers and nature lovers . The volcano, along with the Cerro de Xalapasco , welcomes the bold mountaineers who , after four hours of climbing, are rewarded the most amazing landscape, with a view that encompasses much of the state . Within the park itself is Malintzi The Vacation Center , which has the infrastructure for camping and offers palapas , cabanas and surveillance.

  8 Ochocachi Laguna , Chihuahua. This is perhaps the most peaceful camping and spend a few days of silence and contemplation destination. The calm waters of the lagoon provide one of the most beautiful natural wonders that can be found in the country, as they become the mirror of a sky on fire every evening and offer a sweeping view of the Sierra Tarahumara. During the day , it's perfect for swimming and fishing. It is just five kilometers from the village, in the town of Guachochi, rarámuri town full of natural beauty worthy of a visit. A remarkable aspect is the warmth of the locals. On the way to this haven , however , do not underestimate the danger of several canyons that have formed in the region.

  9 Natural Park Stakes , Morelos. There are few parks like this , with an infrastructure designed specifically for ecotourism and contact with nature in a controlled and secure space. Located in the town of Tlaltizapán , Stakes offers a variety of activities for families to enjoy : horses, ponds, fishing pond , and a large camping area with tables , chairs and grills and a trailer park . Stakes in the river you can swim, snorkel , surf rafting and kayaking and snorkeling. As if this were not enough, the contemplation of flora and fauna is particularly attractive , as there are ducks, fish, turtles and other animals , plus countless flowers that provide colorful , an hour and a half of the Federal District , makes anyone forget automatic daily stress of the city.

  10 Potrero Chico Canyon, Nuevo León. This is an attractive destination for the most extreme and experienced campers, because its appeal is almost exclusively mountaineering. Here are two areas where the canyons sharp rocks are the protagonists. In a cave there, in the other, San Miguel, there are towering vertical walls of the highest in Latin America, to 890 meters. It is not uncommon for this site is a favorite for Mexican and foreign practice climbing. You can also go mountain biking or hiking out with camera in hand. After an exhausting day full of challenges, it is possible to visit the town of Hidalgo, just six kilometers, or take a break in the Quinta Santa Graciela, where there is an amazing view of the Wall of the Toro.