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Friday, March 28, 2014

Green river, san luis potosi, mexico

Here is the Crescent Dive Center offers you the opportunity to discover one of the hot springs as a National Heritage and where the visitor has available the option of snorkeling in calm waters and become a professional with the
help of a trained instructor.

The Dive Center Crescent fun you can program with the help of experts like oceanographer Ossiel Martinez, who will guide you to make the most of your leisure time .

 Crescent is the most important from the point of many tourist , historical, scientific and ecological spring located in the heart of the Country . It is set amidst mountains , a thousand meters above sea level and with a pleasant temperature of 29 degrees Celsius, which allows diving possible all year round , even in winter, as it is a water birth geothermal . This site is a unique place as noted inside the flora and fauna found in divers other places like Cancun or Cozumel .  

  Rio Verde  
  Location : It is located in the middle of the state, at an altitude of 980 meters above sea level.

Directions : You move from San Luis Potosi and take the Highway 70 toward Green River. climate: Its climate is semi-warm almost all year .

When to go: All year round you can visit and enjoy the weather.