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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chignahuapan Puebla trout fishing

His name is evocative : " instead of the 9 springs " . Ancient Mesoamerican Nahua and other ethnic groups believed that between this life and the Hereafter there was a river, Chignahuapan that every spirit must cross to die. Taking advantage of the fear of the Indians by this myth, the missionaries claimed the Rio Chignahuapan was hellish , associating the
Mesoamerican Beyond his own hell , both invented as internal . The distance between the two is huge. Chignahuapan population , as of sleep, so made ​​for travel , has three important temples .

The oldest is the parish church dedicated to the Apostle Santiago , beautiful facade , produced from stipes own in the second half of the 18th century and painted sparkling colors : great guardian angels flanking the entrance and the image of Santiago riding are funniest depictions of elaborate set in mortar. The interior altarpieces , carved with excellence, belong to the same Baroque era. The parish was built by Franciscan monks over 300 years ago.   Chignahuapan

  Location : Chignahuapan Municipality is located in the State of Puebla. It is nested with Zacatlán north , south to the State of Tlaxcala, the west and Aquixtla Zacatlán and west , with the State of Hidalgo. Its average altitude is 2000 260 meters above sea level.

Directions : The traveler has two options : move to Tlaxcala by highway or federal road ( 115 km, 1 hr 20 min) , continue on Highway 119 towards Tlaxco (37 km , 39 min) and proceed towards Chignahuapan (29 km , 36 min ) : 181 km ( 2hr 35 min); second option : exit the highway Mexico -Pachuca and diverted to Tulancingo (State of Hidalgo , 119 km, 1 hr 14 min) , continue until Acaxochitlán (23 km , 26 min ), to the dam 's Tejocotal turn onto Zacatlán of Apples ( 20 km, 23 min) , after 15 km (12 min ) leads to Chignahuapan ; : 177 km ( 2hr 15 min); Bus : ATAH ( address in TAPO ) .