Friday, August 29, 2014


Probably one of the most breathtaking sites in the world is in Mexico. The cave of giant crystals of Naica, was discovered less than a decade ago, in the desert of Chihuahua and 290 meters deep. This gem of the planet has the largest structures in crystalline gypsum, some of which are
as big as a lamp post but can weigh up to 500 tons. The atmosphere in this place is extreme and a human can only stay a few minutes inside.

basement-swallows-mexico Sótano swallows
One of the most famous caves is the basement of the Swallows in San Luis Potosi. With a free fall of 376 meters you will feel that takes your breath away. But the show does not end there as each day go over 25,000 birds called swifts, along with green parrots and two species of bats.
Framed by lush jungle, quaint villages, waterfalls, rivers and breathtaking mountains, visiting the cave either by tourist, excursion or expedition well worth it.

rio-secretory Secret
Rio Secreto is a worldwide example of sustainable tourism and caving it is accessed in a controlled manner and respecting the natural formations. A major say cavers, scientists and the thousands of tourists who have visited Rio Secreto is one of the most beautiful and interesting caves, not only in Mexico but in the world.
Nestled on the Riviera Maya, near Playa del Carmen and an hour from Cancun one of the most important holiday resorts, this underground river lives adorned with thousands of stalactites, stalagmites and eccentric formations as helictitas. Rio Secreto is also a nature reserve preserving the underground system and the forest above, one must for nature lovers and the general public as it is an excellent ecotour.

Light mexico_cuevas_oaxaca Villa
One of the strangest in the world is the cave of Villa Luz in Tabasco. For this cavern laden water runs white sulfuric acid. It is inhabited extremophile bacteria that do not need light, as they feed directly from the minerals in the rock. The attraction of this cave has impacted economically in the region and currently has tourism has led the development of parks, tours, ecotours and ecological activities around these strange but beautiful caves.

Volcano mexico_cuevas_oaxaca El bats
The show of more than 4 million bats coming out in the jungle every sunset is a sight to behold. This cave was explored 6 years ago that is in the state of Campeche, in the midst of booking Mexico's largest tropical forest.
Access is currently restricted while conservation plans are developed as it is in a nature reserve and scientists and researchers seek to preserve the ecological balance in the cave and its surroundings.