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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Walking in Pachuca Hidalgo

Located a few miles from the City, the city of Pachuca offers an interesting tour through the streets of the Historic Center. Do not forget to admire his Monumental Clock and savor delicious pastes.
Home of football, the state capital, famous for its monumental clock and pastes, Belle Airosa is
this and more thanks to the silver extracted from the veins from the colonial times of the miners work and initiative of a handful of entrepreneurs. Come join us to explore ancient streets, mines that are 400 meters below the surface and visit villages endowed with magic and beauty.

Arriving in the capital of the state of Hidalgo in the evening can observe a wide boulevard which exhibits ridge machines and tools that gold and silver from the bowels of the earth were removed when he came to Mexico the industrial revolution, while hand right observe the bullring.

Arriving at the Glorieta de los Insurgentes avenue you will take the Revolution, toward the center, where English was the only neighborhood that already is in a corner, the house where was the British consulate until the early twentieth century. Near there you will find the Gran Hotel Independencia, old tradition, facing the square with the same name, in which you will stay.

In this square you will find the famous clock opened in the Centennial of Independence, as you walk around and listen to mariachi music.