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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tequisquiapan and San Juan del Río, the best places queretaro

Tequisquiapan and San Juan del Rio, located in the southeast of Querétaro, are two populations that have the necessary attractions to make your weekend the best travel experience.
San Juan River, the second largest of Queretaro, dating from the sixteenth century, when the area
became a must for travelers going north in search of gold and silver step. The foundation of the settlement took place on the banks of the river San Juan, fertile land suitable for cultivation and animal husbandry. Two centuries later the population now urbanized, had six temples and an aqueduct that regulated water supply.

Thanks to the railroad in San Juan del Rio and later trade industry increased. His fair, one of the most important in Mexico, attracting more visitors each year, so many inns and hotels emerged.

Walking through the historic center of San Juan del Rio is very nice. Today the city has a large industrial corridor, but not lost its small-town charm. The temple of Santo Domingo is a real gem. The old Hospital San Juan de Dios, which also housed a temple and a convent, and the Sanctuary of Carmen, well worth a visit, as is the old building of the Teatro Hidalgo (Movieland), the Plaza de la Independencia and the presidency Municipal.

The lapidary especially of ópalos- and basketry are the main crafts of the locality. If you visit San Juan del Río be sure to taste the local ice cream and yogurt.

The streets of San Juan del Río always lead to a square or a park, in which its inhabitants will welcome you with a smile.

A few miles from San Juan del Rio Tequisquiapan is famous for its hot springs. Tequisquiapan In recent decades it has become one of the favorite resorts of the capital and Queretaro.

Its mild climate and its narrow colonial streets invite you to take a tour without haste or surprises.

In the center of town is the Plaza Miguel Hidalgo, chaired by a metal kiosk nineteenth and surrounded by stone arches. At one end stands the parish of Santa Maria Assunta, with neoclassical facade, completed building the middle of last century. Scattered population there are numerous hotels that have their own spring. The warm climate conducive Tequisquiapan sports and horseback riding under the beneficent shade of cypresses and junipers. Stack Park, located in an old mill, the battery still retains the sixteenth century in which water is stored.

Besides the many shops around the square of Tequisquiapan, and just steps find the craft market, where you can admire and buy colorful woven objects rattan rod and made ​​locally.

The sunset on the square of Tequisquiapan is unforgettable. The voices of the birds and the ringing of bells lead us to this simple, warm and hospitable in our province Mexico.

Baskets and baskets of Tequisquiapan
In markets and shops Tequisquiapan and surrounding towns you can admire a wide variety of baskets and baskets of all sizes and designs, made of tule, wicker, and especially "wand" jara (shrub that grows along the water).

We recommend you look at the market or craft stores Tequisquiapan the animals carved in marble and jicosita; there are rabbits, ducks, dogs, fish, etc., that will delight you and your children. As chalcedony balls are beautiful.