In the center of the Mexican territory, the state of Hidalgo stands proud of its history and invites you to explore it. Visit their archaeological sites as Tula, Huapalcalco and Xihuingo; known museums and ex-convents, witnesses the process of evangelization following the arrival of the
Spaniards; delight in the thermal waters of its spas and agree your palate with its rich cuisine.

Established in 1869 to honor the "Father of the Nation", Don Miguel Hidalgo, this beautiful state has a mining tradition since pre-Hispanic times, same day today is reflected in several of their communities. Its capital, Pachuca, also called "La Bella Airosa" by winds that cross, welcome to sound chimes of Monumental Clock mounted on a tower of pink stone neoclassical possessing similar to the machinery of Big Ben London.

In full central square, buildings like Cajas Reales, the exquisitely decorated former convent of San Francisco, which now houses the Hidalgo INAH Cultural Center and the National Photo Library, and the House of Count Rul, English Victorian style, reveal the splendor of the mining and economic power that the exploitation of deposits gave the city.

The state of Hidalgo is embraced by the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Valley of Meztitlán, and therefore has a temperate climate which varies annually between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. This temperature can enjoy a dip same in the various spas in the region long walks, biking, camping, fishing, adventure and much more in its forests and mountains.

The Hidalgo kitchen adorns any table: you can try from the famous pastes up some delicious guajillo chile enchiladas served with jerky or beef, cream and cheese. Its cuisine does not forget the pre-Hispanic heritage; do not miss the opportunity to try the Escamoles and maguey worms served in a taco with salsa molcajete.

If you want to forget the stress and worry, be pampered in the beautiful former haciendas, now converted into luxury hotels, which also provide a break dream invite you to discover the secrets of Hidalgo saved history within its walls. San Miguel Regla is an option to surrender to the pleasure of rest, good food and a wide range of activities. You can also visit Santa Maria Regla, populated surprising not only for its beautiful scenery but also the activities that they can, given its proximity to the incredible shapes of basaltic prisms.

Undoubtedly, the state of Hidalgo is an endless source of amusement. To live your vacation to the fullest not forget your backpack, a camera and a desire to enjoy every way the different options that this beautiful place has to offer.


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