Punta Diamante is an ecological choice of accommodation. Here, the buildings have respected the flora and fauna of the area. We invite you to relax in the calm bay beaches; you'll find
dozens of restaurants to the seashore. The shocking Diamante Camino Real hotel overlooking the bay. In the Diamond District, located between the Bay of Acapulco, the Puerto Marques and Playa Revolcadero, you will find a paradise where harmoniously combine development, lush vegetation and panoramic view. Punta Diamante is an ambitious tourism real estate project consisting of luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping areas and a golf course. All this makes it one of the most exclusive parts of the country.
Besides offering all the comforts of modern living, this property complex seeks to preserve the natural environment. For this purpose we have implemented a treatment plant wastewater and an ecological electric generator. The main road was built with hydraulic cement. Street lighting has stone details prehispanic issues. If you like getting exercise outdoors, there is also a bike trail that runs along the peninsula.


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