Puerto Vallarta is considered the destination of most Mexican beach not only because it has a "typical village" with unique architecture, but also because it offers the full range of attractions that have brought fame to our country worldwide.
Full of colorful flowers, cobblestone streets, very

warm people and its famous beaches, Puerto Vallarta occupies the top of popularity among tourist destinations worldwide largely by his Mexican culture reflected in the construction of its traditional area.

It is the most important tourist center of Jalisco, home of tequila, mariachi music and charros, which are present in this corner of beach on the Mexican Pacific.
In the most significant places in Puerto Vallarta is always latent find a mariachi band, a must in big festivals and also present in many food establishments and extraordinary Mexican fiestas featuring several hotels. And the traditional mariachi music is a fundamental element of the culture of the Mexican people.
Mexico's signature drink, known universally, is tequila, distilled agave joint historical, heritage, cultural and natural wealth.
The wide range restaurantera offers visitors a variety of tequilas, plus there are tours that include tastings of wine.
He recently joined the attractions of the destination tour Live Tequila Experience, which includes a city tour, museum tour tequila tasting with tequila expert and show the mariachi and folkloric ballet on stage at the new interactive museum, Teatro Vallarta.
Charreria is the Mexican sport par excellence and is deeply identified with the Vallarta, since throughout the year numerous events of different magnitude are made, however attention grabbing two major national invitational tournaments are held on canvas " Prieto Ibarria "and" Arena Vallarta ", which annually presents the best national teams of the moment.
You can not ignore the traditional Mexican dance, which from region to region has unique characteristics and overall is very attractive for its wide range of shapes and changing rooms. In Puerto Vallarta, this art has a worthy exponent in the Ballet Xiutla that continually comes in different venues throughout the city, including the outdoor theater of Los Arcos.


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