Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Tourism is one of the most important activities of this important city of Camargo, better known as the Pearl of the Conchos, which due to its geographical location, generous human and natural wealth, allows visitors to enjoy a small town that has it all ; parish churches, squares, gardens and
parks, monuments and historic sites. Here we talked for a little more than some places in the city:Parish of Santa Rosalia
The parish of Santa Rosalia is the symbol that distinguishes the city. It is one of eight buildings officially considered a historical monument.The construction of the present church of Santa Rosalia, dated 18 February 1832. They also highlight the parish churches of San Isidro Labrador and the Shrine of Guadalupe.
Plaza JuarezSince the founding of Camargo was designated a place for it occupied a square is now the "Benito Juarez Plaza", which became known as "Plaza San Fernando" name that took until 1857 when by presidential decree, the presidential seat in throughout the republic, they should bear the name of "Constitution Square" because of the signing of the Constitution on February 5 of that year. Today this square is the favorite place for Sunday walks.

Public Clock
This watch was bought in the CD. Of Mexico. The tower is from quarry Zacatecas origin, was selected according to the climate of this city. The work was completed on 1 June l892 and opened on July 24 the same year. The watch has a complicated combination of bronze gears to mark the passing hours to minutes and seconds has 3 handles for winding the time. A time for the hours, another for half hours and one for the fourth time.
Plaza HidalgoThe square has witnessed many developments over time, for many years this square was the place to celebrate the festivities, also where bloody events occurred as the hanging of some men using for this the central monument. Also he witnessed the May 3, 1936 an unfortunate event that killed some camarguenses. But nevertheless, it is one of the favorite places of the inhabitants of the Pearl of the Conchos.
Abraham Gonzalez MarketIt was not until 1912, in a place that was designated for the construction of a public market. It is located between the streets, trade (Guerrero) of the republiquita (Ortega) del Descanso (Jimenez) and Holy Spirit (Comonfort).

Hotel HidalgoThis building is considered historic moment, it was built as a luxury hotel by businessman Don Pablo Guinther. The hotel had a restaurant, casino, bowling alley, barber shop, steam rooms and garages. In recent times, a part of the building was conditioned to function as the Hotel Hidalgo. Its gardens were setting up for the holiday celebrations camarguense high society; its band shell and kiosk served as a stage for the great orchestras of the time. It is said that was a favorite of General Francisco Villa when spending the night in Camargo place. Teatro Hidalgo was active until 1940, our grandparents enjoyed the first movie, silent film -from decorated with piano, shortly before it was opened the Alcazar Theater
Train stationThe construction of the station is completed in 1889 and for many years was the meeting place of endless camarguenses, as during the arrival of the trains, mainly passenger, people milled to dismiss or visits by relatives .
City HallIn 1890 the first building of the municipal government palace, which consisted of a single plant, took just to add improvements as part of the building, the current Public Clock. In 1904 unfortunately he suffered a fire, losing part of it. But by 1905 there were already back with a municipal palace, which was amended in 1942.
Murals of the City HallThey are located in the central courtyard of the building that houses the City Hall, all of which were painted in 1974- 1977
Adventure tourism continues to grow in Camargo because there are places of incomparable beauty, to practice mountain biking and rappelling; tournaments shooting, fishing, boating and boat tours.
5 km. Away we have a spring called Ojo Caliente hot springs are healing qualities that are visited by countless families and groups of Mennonites who are very fond of baths health. Camargo features a family entertainment place called El Remanso where families week ends meet to taste the typical regiona saucer, the "Discada".