Friday, July 31, 2015


This beautiful corner of the state of Zacatecas is ideal known and enjoyed in two days. Take note of our recommendations and "capture" the essence of this destination mining with remarkable colonial flavor.
Located in the state of Zacatecas, Fresnillo offers visitors a wealth of attractions and sites to make your stay a pleasant experience. It is just 63 km northwest of Zacatecas capital and its foundation in 1554, according to

historical sources, is due to the Spanish Diego Hernández de Proaño, who discovered a rich hill next to a spring silver veins about growing an ash. Years later, in this same place a small mining center was formed to exploit the mineral and that he was then known as Cerro de Proaño; this mining town was called The Fresnillo, and to this day still in operation the veins of Proaño.Saturday
After a refreshing break we suggest taking a nutritious breakfast that will give you the strength to make the downtown area of ​​the city. To begin, you can visit the Temple of Transit and the Temple of Purification, both built during the eighteenth century and are the most notable examples of colonial architecture of this destination.
Then you can walk the main garden, decorated with a kiosk right in the center and bounded by a wall with balustrades quarry, beautiful place that invites relaxation in the shade of one of its trees.
Continuing the tour, go to the Obelisk Square, dedicated to the struggle for independence of our country. This monument was built in 1833 and inaugurated during the administration of president of the republic General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and the governorship of Francisco Garcia Salinas.
The obelisk of Independence has at its base a plaque engraved with some distances from Fresnillo to some relevant points. So you'll know that the distance between Fresnillo and the Greenwich Meridian is only 10,510 km, to the North Pole of 7424 km; the Ecuador of 2574 km; Tropic of Cancer and 30 kilometers.
Behind this memorial is the Teatro José González Echeverría, with two floors, semicircular arches decorating guarding access and top-level windows. The building is topped by a balustrade of stone and watch fair in the center of the upper facade.
Teatro José González Echeverría in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. / Luis Romo
If you want to know another historic building Fresnillo, you come to visit the Agora Gonzalez Echeverria, nineteenth century building, which in its best times out headquarters of the School of Mines and currently housed in the ground floor at the Autonomous University of Fresnillo .
To end this day, we recommend you visit the Cerro Proano, where the mine of the same name is located and which is currently producing the largest amount of silver in the world.Sunday
After breakfast, it is necessary that you dedicate this day to visit the famous Santuario de Plateros, dedicated to the revered Holy Child of Atocha, because if you do not visit, it's as if you had not been in Fresnillo, Zacatecas or even.
You can start by going journey to the old mine that gave rise to this thriving mining town, later to continue eastward in order to meet the popular sculpture dedicated to the miners, impressive work in bronze and receives the traveler comes to town from the Zacatecas capital, which is located just over the road from the main entrance.
Monument to miner Fresnillo, Zacatecas. / Ignacio Guevara
El Santuario de Plateros is located just 5 km northwest of Fresnillo. It is an imposing building which like most buildings in the city dating from the eighteenth century and is dedicated to the Holy Child of Atocha, miraculous image of an infant that throughout the whole year brings thousands of pilgrims from all over Mexico and abroad. Although the court has two beautifully carved porches of access, lack of atrial fence.
Its facade is beautifully crafted in pink stone and has two bell towers and a Gothic front. The interior is insufficient to accommodate the many people who venerate the miraculous acudea Huarachito Child, as it is also known; It is a single nave and two cruisers, which, because of the crowd gathered, it is almost impossible to appreciate in all its magnitude.
Santuario de Plateros in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. / Ernesto Polo
Annex to the shrine a small convent cloister whose walls have accumulated thousands of small votive dedicated to the Holy Child placed there in gratitude for a miracle received is located. If you're not going to cut time and you're a little curious, you can either read some of the ex votos to realize miracles requested and the date and provenance.
If you want to buy a souvenir of so miraculous sanctuary you can buy in the small shop on site or in one of the many stalls outside the temple.
On the hill just opposite the old sanctuary chapel that still house the first Child of Atocha, still visited by some of the faithful it is preserved.