Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Among the many beaches on the coast of Oaxaca, Mazunte is one of the most visited by travelers. Before she was famous hippie backpackers wave but gradually became more popular and for all audiences. Away from noise and big hotels in Huatulco or Puerto Escondido, this village still retains its essence despite the
growth experienced in the last decade. The small bay has several palapa restaurants on the beach where you can sit and eat and drink and enjoy the scenery. Swim in the beautiful sea is almost essential to relieve severe heat that lurks round.


We arrived from San Jose del Pacifico to Pochutla in a van and there we took a collective taxi to Mazunte. We camped in a palapa and went to the beach. A day before a major storm had happened so the sea was very choppy and dangerous for swimming. We got one in the orillita and we noticed the strong force with the waves coming. In the evening we sat in a restaurant on the beach and eat something light and after sunset sails.
It's very nice feeling to walk barefoot. As everything takes place in the sand on the beach, you can walk around freely without carefree than you tread shoes.

The next day, we went to breakfast at one of the fonditas the small center that is located along 5 blocks, on a main road parallel to the sea. We passed a store that sells natural cosmetics Mazunte, made in the same town.

Then back to the beach, but this time we chose El Rinconcito, the beach at the other end of the bay. There the sea is much calmer because they are more protected by the rocks. A long time enjoyed the refreshing sea in the midst of intense heat and sat down to eat at one of the restaurants there that are a little more strawberries (cheats).



Mazunte has accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. You can camp in one of the palapas on the beach, there are very rustic and economic cabins, small hotels a little more "nice" and even a very beautiful green hotel. We chose to divide our stay. First camp a couple of days in Tia porphyria, a rustic construction in the last downhill to the beach before Turtle Center. There's inexpensive and very rustic cabins, hammocks and camping space. The location of the place is very good and the prices. Many travelers arrive there, but the fact that the place is quite dirty and not to mention the bathrooms.

Then we moved to El Copal, a hotel that caught our attention for its ecological commitment. Located on the beach Mermejita, way to Punta Cometa (about 800 meters from the center), has four cabins distributed in a Selvita on the mountain. Beautiful and very comfortable cabins maintain a perfect balance between comfort and rusticity and generate a private outdoor space in the middle of vegetation. The hotel has dry composting toilets, is their gray water is electrically supplied with its own solar panels, makes compost their organic waste and has plans its own organic garden to supply his restaurant. Part of the land the hotel has mangroves and has been left as a nature reserve and protected area for crab "Mazunte" characteristic of the area and generally treated badly. In a beautiful, shady terrace is the restaurant that offers service for guests but also open to the general public. If you do not stay in this excellent choice, at least go for a beer with one of the best views in Mazunte to the almost deserted beach Mermejita. We enjoyed this place that invites you to relax in a hammock and enjoy nature with an incredible view and a light and refreshing airecito in the center of Mazunte not run.

Mexican Turtle Center

Historically, in these shores turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach. Of the 11 varieties of sea turtles in the world, 9 of them are in Mexico. Unfortunately, the local people, was dedicated to make eggs for consumption with a near extinction of the turtles was generated in the area. In 1990, the capture of eggs and turtles is banned and the Mexican Turtle Center was created in 1994. This initiative was proposed that the people living turtle, keep doing it but instead of destroying them, protecting your continuity. So a breeding center and turtle conservation was created and this was promoted for tourism.

17. communicating Ale

We visited the center for about an hour. Guided by a brochure you get upon entering, we saw several ponds where they breed and breed different species of tortoises and turtles for later release. From tiny hatchlings to adults over 50 cm long swim and walk in this park. There is also an aquarium where you can see behind a large glass big turtles of different species and some fish and stingrays.

The place is very busy, especially for school groups. Do not miss a visit to these beautiful animals almost prehistoric and learn a little more about his interesting life.

Punta Cometa

About 30 minutes you walk to the center of Mazunte, get to Punta Cometa. This is the southernmost tip of the Pacific coast of North America, with a beautiful view. We went to watch the sunset there, where the sun sets over the sea providing a beautiful spectacle. A good place to move such a little beach and enjoy the breeze in your face. Do not miss it!

Mazunte is not what it once was, but still remains one of the best options in the Oaxacan coast. A very nice, quiet and friendly place. From where you can camp or rent a hammock to stay in a hotel (not very big or luxurious) and find tourist services like restaurants, shops and pretty "international" cafes and yet accessible. Still retains the style of "beach town" with a rustic wave.