Let yourself be mesmerized by the aurora borealy returns aYellowknife, NWTa take a Martini. Soak in lasCataratas Falls, ON, and eat in a winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Go Bears polaresen day and enjoy a gourmet dinner in the
evening. Heli-skiing in the Rocallosasen morning and spend the afternoon at a spa.
Here we leave you 5 different options to enjoy in Canada, a country that never ends.
Notre-Dame de Montréal: The Notre-Dame de Montreal, located in the district of Ville-Marie in Montreal, is the mother church of Montreal. Genuine gallery of religious art, the richness of its decorations has no equivalent in Montreal.Photo: Magaly Frances / My Cloud
The Fresque des Quebecois. In the Place Royale you will see a large mural on the side of a house more than 400 square meters in which many historical figures of Quebec, located in the windows, bridges and elements of a street in Quebec are represented. In front of him is a panel in which everyone can identify. It's like a giant wall where you see a lot of people photographed.Photo: Photo: diogenesp / My Cloud
Lighthouse Point-to-Renommee. Located on the north coast of the peninsula of Gaspesie in Quebec (mouth of the river San Lorenzo), it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the region.Besides being a spectacular lighthouse, Marconi installed here the first maritime radio station in North America.If desired you can visit the inside with an exhibition on radio communications.Photo: Elk / My Cloud
Tadoussac - Saguenay River Fjord. Quiet, beautiful and spectacular nature. The whale, belugas, seals, among many other marine fauna, give this area a magical aura that no one can miss. Must be kept warm, even August.Photo: Luis De Las Heras Hidalgo / My Cloud
Sherbrooke Situated away from the axis of the Saint Lawrence River on which are the cities of Montreal and Quebec city of Sherbrooke, surrounded by what locals call the mountains, and I would consider rather high hills worthwhile.Its center, full of bars, bakeries quality, diverse restaurants (therefore prices, as the world's regions represented), lives to the rhythm of student life, since the city hosts the University of Sherbrooke.The small lake, the two rivers, up and down the streets to interesting viewpoints are so many picturesque aspects of this provincial city.


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