Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Known worldwide for several nicknames, Miami is one of the quintessential tourist cities of the United States of America.
They say it's the Millennium America and who knows merely reaffirm.
Miami is a city in the northern hemisphere and is the

urban and economic center of the state of Florida.

Not only emphasize its incredible beaches, but also its famous nightlife, cultural life and golf courses.
In recent years the hotel infrastructure and commerce have grown rapidly. Without going any further, the Miami airport is one of the most important worldwide in terms of passenger traffic and trade, as well as its port which receives millions of tourists every year.
Miami is a multicultural place. At first glance it looks more like a Latin American city, due to the large number of immigrants. For the visitor in transit is a city spiced with the flavors of the cuisine, music, language, politics and the spirit of Latin America.
Areas of Miami
Beyond being divided into four parts, namely Flagler Street runs east to west by cutting the city into north and south. For its part it makes Miami Avenue from north to south, and then west and diviendola this.
Miami has several tourist areas such as residential Coral Gabes, with its mansions of architectural elegance as the Fairchild Tropical Garden, the Venetian Pool or the Biltmore Hotel.
Miami Beach is the most visited South Beach, famous for its iconic buildings and art deco houses.
There is also the city harbor in Bayside, near downtown Miami that offers tours and other activities.
The Latin Quarter and Cuban Little Havana with its main street 8 is unmissable.
Miami Beaches
A major one is the renowned South Beach, which stretches along the street between 1 and 15 and is synonymous with Miami Beach. It is not just sand and beaches, it is a very busy area when the sun goes down.
Miami is normal to see women doing topless. Anyway, in Miami there is a nudist or naturist beach located at the height of 156 in Bal Harbour just Houlover Beach Park.
Another beach is the Third Street Beach, most recommended for family audiences. Bill Baggs is another good beach on Key Biscayne.
And Beach 12th Street in Miami Beach is very popular with the gay community, is the meeting place for them and has a unique parador. It is easily identified by its multicolored flag.
Beautiful panoramic view of South Beach, MiamiOcio and free time in Miami
All tourists who choose to vacation Miami makes thinking about the nightlife, its clubs, bars and beaches.
However, the city offers visitors incredible Art Deco samples. For example in the South Beach neighborhood there are buildings of various colors of the 1920s, which began to emerge this city.
As we talked Miami is a very cosmopolitan with strong mixing of races and cultures city. Jewish culture was embodied in the Holocaust Memorial, donanciones irizado by Holocaust survivors.
Another area is interesting to explore Little Havana or Little Havana. It is a place where the first Cuban immigrants were located. Its main street, called Calle 8, is lined with cafes, gift shops, souvenirs and clothing Cuban nature.
To the south of Miami, in every sense of the Biscayne Bay, the most striking attractions are located. The planetarium and science museum near the entrance to the pass Rickenbacker.
East along the line is the Miami Seaquarium, an incredible saltwater aquarium. The main attraction is a giant orca and manatees.
The city has great potential for sports. Florida area is suitable for golf as it has the best courses in the country. To learn more visit "Sports in Miami."
No doubt Miami is a city with multicultural flavor that gives it a unique and exotic atmosphere, a mixture of Latin rhythms such as Ricky Martin and Shakira and production of salsa and Latin music style South Beach. For all this, they say Miami is a city where you can work, live and play.