Hawaii is an archipelago located in the United States, which is located in the North Pacific. It consists of eight volcanic islands, it is a compelling paradise filled with beaches and palm trees, with endless attractions worth discovering.
Honolulu Hawaii Tourism: Sand, sun and sandOahu is the most visited of all the islands. Here is

Honolulu, capital of Hawaii, where we pass through its tropical forests or take a bath on the beaches of Waikiki, Sunset Beach and Makaha, which are usually chosen by surfers because the waves exceed six meters height at certain times of year.The military base at Pearl Harbor, which was attacked in 1941 by the Japanese, Cliff Mirador and Polynesian Cultural Center, are other interesting points of the island.Hawaii
Volcanoes National Park Tourism Hawaii hawai1: Sand, sun and sandDespite being the largest island of the archipelago, Hawaii is not the most beautiful. Although it has certain sites that are worth visiting, with landscapes that intertwine jungle, volcanoes and deserts. One of the most fascinating sites is the Volcanoes National Park, which allows us to look closely at all about the volcanic Hawaiian life. Across the island, it is situated Puuhonua O Honaunau, an archaeological complex of temples, statues of deities and other objects of indigenous Polynesians. While on the Bay of Kiholo, rest on the beaches of black sand, where you can spot giant tortoises.Maui
maui hawaii Hawaii Tourism: Sand, sun and sandMaui is the perfect destination for athletes, as it is best suited for windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving and mountain biking. In Maui we can choose to stroll through the most visited, Lahaina and Kaanapali, or enjoy the quiet places, as Haiku and Kula places.Kauai
Kauai Hawaii Hawaii Tourism: Sand, sun and sandThe Kauai Island is known for its rain forests, crossed by streams and waterfalls, and the Waimea Canyon. If we have to take a tour of its shores, we can begin by Na Pali, characteristic for its cliffs, then drive to the beaches of Lumahai. Secret Beach because of its difficult access, is very lonely, making it the ideal spot to relax.Molokai
Hawaii Kalaupapa Peninsula Tourism: Sand, sun and sandKalaupapa on Molokai stands the peninsula, which was once a haven for lepers and now stands as a real tourist attraction, although it is not busy and can only be reached by mule, by foot or by plane.Sun, beach and much leisure, is what gives the paradise for an unforgettable Hawaii paced hula vacation.


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