Saturday, April 2, 2016


People always ask what the legal premises to be visited in Australia. Well, we resolve to make a list with descriptions of each of these places, and what you can expect from them. The list is not in order of weight, as we like more isolated places we like cities, but seek mesclar our opinion with the view of others. Worth
remembering that 10 tourist spots does injustice to the other places that are spectacular too, because in truth, give to list 30 that are local safety pins. Underlined names are linkados to the respective pages of the premises.Sydney - Besides gateway in Australia, the city has many interesting places to visit, such as the Opera House, Darling Harbour with marine aquarium, shopping malls, museums, a visit to the other side of the bay including the zoo and the beach of Mainly. A rise in the tower in the center is essential to understand the city in addition to the panoramic view, and a visit to the Blue Mountains will provide beautiful views of the voucher. The nightlife in Sydney is one of the most active of all Australia.Sydney / Sydney AttractionsCairns - The town is small but nevertheless things to do around are fantastic, such as going to the Great Barrier Reef (you can go to the reefs outside because inside has almost nothing despite cost very cheap). Or even climbing cable car to Kuranda and make the train ride through the voucher is full of waterfalls (both safety pins). Go back to Port Douglas and spending the day there and giving a brace to Daintree National Park, considered the most diversividade forest of plants per square meter in the planeta.Cairns / Cairns attractionsGold Coast - Special beautiful beaches for surfers and Praieiros. There are many theme parks and nightlife in the neighborhood of Surf Paradise are very encouraged. The nearby National Parks are a must with many waterfalls, flora and fauna to be appreciated. Gold Coast / Gold Coast attractionsFraser island - Legally, with walks on the sand in 4x4 vehicles. Transparntes water lagoons, very nice and very nature to see. Isla listed as a World Heritage Site Near Sunshine Coast, Noosa is the most interesting place to spend the day out of Brisbane which is also good to know a city. Fraser Island / Brisbane AttractionsMagnetic island - in front of Townsville, with beaches being breathtakingly 2/3 Island National Park with several colonies of Koalas to be seen in the wild. Very good for walks. Townsville AttractionsWhitsundays - paradise for water sports with excellent nightlife and restaurants. Photo helicopter at the top of that page is of the Whitsundays. Ela famous Whitehaven beach, white sand beach like snow and crystalline waters. Whitsundays ATTRACTIONSAyers Rocks - or Uluru is in the heart of Australia near the town of Alice Springs. It is the largest stone monolith in the world and sacred to the local Aborigines. The whole context around is desert, spectacular being visited by tours in the vicinity. Northern Territory attractionsGreat Ocean Road - a 3 hour drive from Melbourne city that is optimal to know. The Great Ocean Road is on the riba sea cliffs over and above puédese appreciate the sea and erosion on giant stone monoliths d'water inside, called 12 apostles. (Now only remaining 8 others and were torn down by waves). Melbourne AttractionsKakadu National Park - Near Darwin. Where one of the most abundant wildlife in Australia national parks. The only negative point is that it was so popular, it's hard floor alone in the park without finding many tourists, but still worth the visit. Northern Territory attractionsTasmania - One of the most beautiful places in Australia, and that somehow the landscapes of New Zealand agreed. Quite provincial, small and exquisite cities. Nature is the high point, with spectacular beaches despite the cold water. The mountains and lakes are spectacular for its beauty and wildlife, with the ruins of the garrisons of the time brought prisoners to Australia, are partially standing and are very interesting to visit. Tasmania Attractions