Thursday, March 17, 2016


The department of Ain is located between the Saone valley and the Alps and shares a border with Switzerland. With its varied and preserved regions can boast of possessing a rich natural heritage. Dombes with its thousand ponds, Bugey, Revermont, Savoyard Bresse, the Country of

Gex and Upper Jura are territories whose beauty will delight lovers of nature and outdoor leisure. To this rich landscape, with alternating forests, hillsides with vineyards, valleys, cliffs, rivers, lakes, ponds, woods and mountainous terrain, add its typical architecture, with farms with Saracen chimneys, fortified houses and pretty villages. Ain is a highlight of the gastronomy and has a number of famous specialties: the Bresse poultry, the quenelle of pike with sauce Nantua, fish and frogs from Dombes, Bleu de Gex, the comté, the Bugey wines or galette de Perouges will make smacking taste!Haute Savoie
High Saboya is rich in extraordinary sites and has an exceptional natural heritage. The majestic Mont-Blanc massif, roof of Europe, is a paradise for mountaineering enthusiasts, skiing and amazing scenery. The huge ski areas, famous ski winter sports, nature reserves, renowned spa resorts, the ideal lakes for water activities, the magnificent city of Annecy, known as the Venice of the Alps or delicious Savoyard specialties are so many tricks that make a privileged destination Alto Savoie.Hautes Alpes
Between Provence and Northern Alps, it is the mountainous department of Hautes-Alpes (its average altitude is the highest in France), which has an exceptional sunshine throughout the year. In addition to a wide variety of landscapes which range from forests, mountain pastures and valleys preserved up to the high peaks and glaciers, through the gorges savages, this vast territory has a rich architectural heritage in the cozy towns and in typical villages, where traditions, especially the pastoral, are very much alive. 6,800 km of hiking trails, acquaintances skiable territories, climbing sites and many rivers and streams make this place a privileged, suitable for the practice of countless outdoor activities both in summer and winter natural destination.Isère
Located in the former province of Dauphiné, straddling the Alps and the plain of the Rhone, the Isere department has a rich natural heritage. Its magnificent landscapes of mountain ranges, ranging from Chartreuse to Vercors, through Belledonne chain, Le Trièves and Oisans; lakes suitable for water activities; or three natural parks, which are the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse, the Vercors Regional Natural Park and the National Park Ecrins, make it an ideal place for nature lovers and outdoor leisure destination. The appeal of Isère is also based on its historical cities such as Vienne, Grenoble and Crémieu, its typical villages, its famous ski resorts, gastronomy or traditions ...Savoy
Savoy, white gold kingdom, has all the ingredients to satisfy mountain enthusiasts, nature and alpine sports. In this department are some of the winter sports resorts and the most famous ski areas in the world. The Route des Grandes Alpes, with its breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains and mountain pastures where cows graze, allows franking ports that exceed 2,000 meters. Disconnection GUARANTEED! Savoie is also known for its excellent gastronomic products and famous culinary specialties, such a good time in good company deparan around a table.