Tuesday, October 18, 2016


If you are considering taking a flight to Berlin soon, please visit these recommended by the travel community minube, a selection of places to see, the most visited, the most unusual and curious places. Find
out what you can not miss in Berlin and make sure you get the most out of this wonderful city. You can find more information in this guide Berlin for phones and tablets.

1. The Berlin Wall

There is no doubt that the Wall left without words to anyone who looks at him. Become the memory of what once was a symbol of division between the two Germanies, their families and friends, today the Berlin Wall makes us reflect on the past. It turned into a creative space, it is full of graffiti, all with a critical and pacifist character.

2. The Brandenburg Gate

Another icon of this city, the Brandenburg Gate is probably the best-selling postcard Berlin. Built in the late eighteenth century, this monument was one of the main entrances to the city. As Fran traveler advises: "Essential visit, and if you can visit the best evening, the contrast of heaven and door lighting worth observing."

3. Memorial Church or Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

This Lutheran church, whose literal translation means "church in memory of Emperor William" has become a memorial of World War II. Memorial Church was destroyed almost entirely during the bombing of the war. Later, it was decided to make a memorial uniting the ruins to a more modern building.

So the traveling Lamaga tells us his experience: "an architectural wonder, can hardly be seen in Europe a set of both contrast and produce so much emotion".

4. Dead Chicken Alley

This alley Berlin epitomizes the alternative culture of the German capital, international capital of electronic music and street art. In the Dead Chicken Alley will find bars, exhibitions, workshops and many graffiti.

"The contrast is simply overwhelming; salts of one of the most commercial areas in Berlin to enter one of the alternatives, decorated with hundreds of graffiti. I have no words; simply recommend you visit and experience first hand ", says Naxos.

5. Kreuzberg neighborhood

One of the most original neighborhoods of the capital and a favorite of the Berliners, also known as "Little Istanbul" because of the large number of Turkish residents. Kreuzberg thus becomes an original and cosmopolitan place, where you can meet real Berliners Berlin.

6. The Reichstag

Either by the correspondents of the news or postal, we almost all the Berlin Reichstag sounds. Accounting for the Germans is much more than a neo-Romantic building with new contemporary structures made of glass: the Parliament. So, this building is both resort and politically, and has become a major icon of modern architecture. Must.

7. The World Clock

The Weltzeituhr is a clock located in central Berlin Alexanderplatz. This world clock, showing each of the 24 time zones of the world, amazed not only by size but by the illuminations that characterizes it, so worth a visit at night.

8. The Holocaust Memorial

You can not go to Berlin and not walk between huge slabs of concrete that characterize the Holocaust Memorial. This monument, reminiscent of the thousands of victims of the Holocaust consists of 2711 concrete blocks spread over a huge area of ​​19,000 square meters and under him the museum is located.

Ele nit Baths perfectly explains his experience: "corridors inclined to be traveled cause choking sensation, instability and distress that Jews felt in Germany that it was for them a labyrinth without exit".