Arikok Natural Park

In the vicinity of Mount Arikok, in the heart of the island, rises the Arikok Natural Park, which occupies 18% of the territory of Aruba. You can get to know each one thoroughly through each of its paths. It
houses numerous species of animals, all of them harmless, and a lush vegetation.

The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are undoubtedly the main attraction of Aruba. Among them, we can mention Hadikurari beach, ideal for snorkeling, Palmeras beach, known for its calm waters, El Aguila beach, with picnic areas, Rodgers beach, turbulent waters, and Baby beach, special for enjoy with family.
The California Lighthouse

The California lighthouse is named after the ship of the same name that wrecked on those shores. In addition to appreciating the incredible views of the place, you can visit the Tierra del Sol golf course. To the northwest of the island it is impossible not to enjoy the Hudishibana sand dunes.

Aruba has several caves worth knowing. The most famous are Guadirikiri Cave, inhabited by hundreds of harmless bats, Fontein Cave, which preserves drawings made by the Arawak Indians, and the Huliba Cave, also known as the Tunnel of Love because its entrance It has a heart shape.

Among the religious temples, it is recommended to take a walk through the chapel of Alta Vista, the oldest of the place, which has an excellent location overlooking the sea. You can also visit the Church of Noord and the Church of St. Anne.


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