Friday, October 13, 2017


Attractions in Toluca, Mexico
The capital of the State of Mexico has a high cultural level, the destination combines its colonial walks with life in an industrial and modern city as well as with its natural landscapes that give the opportunity to live great outdoor adventures. With a large number of cultural sites and historical sites, its churches and volcanoes, Toluca has
everything to spend an incredible vacation.

These are the must-see attractions of Toluca de Lerdo:

Cosmovitral Botanical Garden

Considered the largest cosmovitral in the world, it has become one of the emblematic sites of the city. It is located in the center of Toluca in an art nouveau building that was previously a market and now has this stained glass designed by the Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores who shaped the confrontation between good and evil. The most well-known section is the Sun Man. The Botanical Garden has hundreds of species of plants from different parts of the world and several sources, also houses a sculpture dedicated to Eizi Matuda. To arrive here is to contemplate a world of light and vegetation of complete peace.

Cathedral of San José de Toluca

This church, which was blessed by St. Joseph, has a neoclassical façade and is composed of two bodies with images of important saints, in the center there is a clock and on it there are three female figures representing the theological virtues, to the center the Faith, to the right the Charity and to the left the Hope. This great cathedral is very visited for its beauty and for being headquarters and the cathedral of the Bishop of the Diocese of Toluca.

The portals

The Portales of Toluca have become a tourist attraction since they are considered as the longest of Mexico having 120 arches in total distributed in three sections: Portal November 20, Madero and Reforma. Going to Toluca and not wandering around Los Portales is like not going, you will find many shops where you can buy very regional products.


If it is a trip for art and culture, Toluca is the ideal destination for being the second city with the largest number of museums in the Mexican Republic such as: Centro Cultural Mexiquense, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art , Museum of Popular Cultures, Stamped Museum, Watercolor Museum, José María Velasco Museum, Felipe Santiago, Luis Nishizawa, of course the Cosmovitral and many more.

Protection Area of ​​Flora and Fauna Nevado de Toluca

To enjoy the snow, nothing like visiting this place in winter that at these dates gives a landscape not to be missed. The former National Park is now a Protected Area of ​​Flora and Fauna and is one of the most protected Natural Areas in Mexico. You can be very close to the crater of this volcano and discover lagoons like The Sun and The Moon, there are also archaeological vestiges, other peaks and spaces to have a picnic in a forest with pines, oaks and more. There are spaces for adventure sports and horse riding.


The magic of the town of Metepec is present thanks to the creations of its artisans who with clay give shape to beautiful pieces such as the famous Tree of Life. It is only 20 minutes from the city of Toluca and upon arrival you will feel a bohemian atmosphere, you will meet many potters, saddlers and more artisans. In this place in addition to culture and rich gastronomy you will also find shopping centers and modern areas for walking.

Other attractions:

Government palace
• Martyrs' Square
The Alameda
• Convent of the Church of Carmen
• Church of Santa Veracruz
• Church of the Merced
• La Marquesa Park
• Theater Morelos
• Zacango Zoo
• Bicentennial Metropolitan Park
• Place of the Parian
• Temoaya
• Archaeological Zone of Teotenango
• Ecological Park of Cacalomacán
• Otomí Ceremonial Center