30 curiosities you did not know about Thailand

Increasingly popular with travelers, Thailand is crowned as one of the most attractive countries for tourists.

In it we will find a perfect mix between the most modern of its capital and the most traditional of many of its populations.

Smoking area, 35 curiosities of Thailand
35 curiosities of
Thailand, Smoking area
This nation, full of fascinating places is one of our favorites and therefore we will leave our selection of some of the 35 curiosities of Thailand that you may not know.


The way people talk in Thailand is not the same for men as it is for women. The same word in many cases usually lengthens more time when the woman pronounces it.

It is important to know this, because if we travel to Thailand and want to "chapurrear" some of your words, some as simple as thanks, it is not pronounced the same in the mouth of the man that of the woman.

Hello! - Sàwatdii Kráp (man) / Sàwatdii Ká (woman)

It is one of the 35 most interesting sights of Thailand, although in other countries of Southeast Asia the same thing happens.

Real clothes

The devotion for the royal family goes beyond what was imagined in a society of the year 2017. We do not know if this "royal cult" will change now that the king has died, but there are some days of the week that we will see citizens with polo shirts or shirts of the same color and with the real emblem.

35 curiosities of Thailand, Unofficial clothes, which look proud
35 curiosities of Thailand, Unofficial clothes, which look proud
It is within the curiosities of Thailand, to see hundreds of people dressed the same.

Multiple bikes

More and more Thais are wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle, especially in Bangkok, but even so there are many who drive without protection.

Travel by motorcycle through Thailand
Travel by motorcycle through Thailand
In addition to this, it is very common to see three, four or even five people piled on the vehicle on a motorcycle. Sometimes they even drive children.


Among the 35 curiosities of Thailand that perhaps you did not know, it is worth mentioning the subject of driving, since it is one of the most unusual.

35 Curiosities of Thailand that you may not know
35 Curiosities of Thailand that you may not know
The vehicles with the steering wheel to the right, circulate on the left.

Eye with head and feet

It is very impolite to touch the head of a Thai, especially if he is a child.

It is also considered offensive to point with the foot, especially inside the temples if we point to a monk or a Buddha image.


The official greeting in Thailand is the Wai, and it is nothing more than the fact of holding hands at chin level to show respect.

Curiosities of Thailand, Wai
35 Curiosities of Thailand, Wai
It is one of those customs that every traveler would want to export to their land.


One of the 35 highlights of Thailand is to know that until 1939 the country was called Siam.

Entry stamp
Entry stamp
It was not until then that it was renamed Prathet Thai (free country).

National proud

One of the greatest achievements of the country and one of the great reasons why it can boast the old Siam, is never to have been colonized.

Unlike its neighbors, Thailand, "remains a virgin" in that sense.

Third sex

Considered one of the most open and tolerant countries in the world in terms of the sexual condition of each individual, among the curiosities of Thailand, we must know that there is the third sex.

Called by their neighbors "ladyboys", there is a third recognized genre for transsexuals as well as a great respect for the gay community.


Basic food in the Siamese cuisine, it is also the star product in Thai exports.

Rice fields, curiosities of Thailand
Rice fields, curiosities of Thailand
Thailand is the first rice exporter on the planet.

Coins and bills

It is considered dishonorable and can cause us many problems to step on a coin or local bill (baths) since they are printed on the face of the king or a member of the monarchy.

Ticket of 50
Ticket of 50

Paradise of shopping and imitations, bargaining is one of the most common sports for any tourist.

Chatuchak market, ideal place for haggling
Chatuchak market, ideal place for haggling
It agrees to divide the initial price between three and we must know, that although we obtain the price that we want, like in the casino "the bank always wins".


Known as the country of the smile, among the 35 curiosities of Thailand and also among its virtues, we must praise the good vibes that its citizens generate.

35 Curiosities of Thailand, always smiling
35 Curiosities of Thailand, always smiling
With a smile always in the mouth, the traveler often falls in love with this gesture.

Whiteness = beauty

Unlike in our countryespecially the Thais, shun the sun and believe that against whiter or pale skin, they are more beautiful.

Against whiter, more beautiful! curiosities of Thailand
Against whiter, more beautiful! curiosities of Thailand
Juices in bags

It is very common, and in a trip through Thailand, we will surely see the famous juices or "bottled" beverages in transparent plastic bags.

Curious container
Curious container
Canes or straws

One of the 35 curiosities of Thailand for which most travelers pass is the use of straws in the drink.

Whether it's soft drinks or even beer (which is sometimes served with ice), they will almost always bring us a straw for our drink.


One of the paradises for lovers of massages, is known by most travelers who surely during a tour of more or less time around the country, they will get a massage.

Food Massage
Food Massage
In addition to the popular Thai Massage, foot massage is very common.

Woman to power

It should be something very normal, but unfortunately it is not in many places, but luckily in Thailand yes.

Women have a very important role in society and it is also surprising that most businesses are run and run by women.

Number of employees

One of the most shocking and also somewhat overwhelming is the amount of dependents that we are when entering a store.

For each client there are a lot of employees and that is that in Thailand, many people work in stores that do not need so much labor.


The weather in Siam as in much of Southeast Asia has different times, differentiated in dry season, rainy season and cool season.

Torrential rains
Torrential rains
In any of them we must be prepared for a tropical climate, and despite not being in the rainy season, we probably suffer torrential rains that last a few minutes but flood everything.

Transport of people

Among the 35 funniest sights in Thailand, there is the transport of goods and people, since we will see a little of everything.

Transportation from Mae Sot to Umphang
Transportation from Mae Sot to Umphang
All kinds of vehicles transporting unimaginable things, vehicles with passengers on the roof are some of the peculiarities that this nation offers us.

Tuk tuk, the masters!

They control a lot of tourism in Bangkok in particular, tuk tuk drivers are the "bosses" of the road on many occasions.

Tuk tuk, tuned, with music where also their drivers have a wisdom about places to visit unique.

Tuk tuk of Bangkok
Tuk tuk of Bangkok
Some are dedicated to deceiving tourists so be very careful.

Eat at any time

Thais eat at all hours. No matter the weather or the time, wherever we go, we will always see someone eating.

Curiosities of Thailand, eating at any time
35 Curiosities of Thailand, eating at any time
The 7 eleven or Family Mart, which open 24 hours, are a great help for the most voracious.

Backpacking initiation

There are many of us who have started in the world of the "backpacker" in Thailand, an easy, pleasant and cheap place to experience our first steps as travelers for free.

It is one of the curiosities of Thailand that we wanted to highlight, because we changed the perception of travel.

Time to sleep

As with food, the siesta is unpredictable and in any place, we will see a local trapped by the dream.

Any place is good for a nap
Any place is good for a nap
On the ground, on top of motorcycles, on the tuk tuks, any enclave is good for a little sleep.

Cleaning cars

Scrupulously neat with cars, one of the most common customs in all of Thailand is to wash the car.

They spend a lot of time cleaning their vehicle

Polar buses

It is within the curiosities of Thailand and also about the dangers, since traveling by bus implies a high risk of constipation.

With the air conditioning at full speed, it is advisable to take a jersey for long trips.

Paradise for divers

It is one of the main claims of the country and curiously the offer to start or specialize in the world of diving is abundant and very economical.

Paradise for lovers of the underwater world
Paradise for lovers of the underwater world
More and more Spanish-speaking companies are settling in some beach area or islands of the country.

Street food

Insects sold in street markets are known to everyone, but beyond that, Thailand's street cuisine is one of the best in the world.

Curiosities of Thailand, street food everywhere
Curiosities of Thailand, street food everywhere
With a car with four wheels and a light bulb, we will find small fascinating food stalls where the flavors are the most authentic that we will find.

Twin animals

When you visit countries such as Thailand, you become aware that the animal world is wiser and more fascinating than expected.

In any place of the country we will see animals of different species coexisting in harmony.

Pigs with cats and dogs, rats with chickens and even lizards with humans.

Modern monks

In a country where Buddhism dominates everything, among the 35 curiosities of Thailand we include the monks of the country, many of them addicted to mobile phones and shopping.

Monks shopping for the floating market
Monks shopping for the floating market
It is easy to see groups of them in markets, browsing through stores.

Live music

One of the great attractions offered by Thailand, is the large number of locations across the country with live music.

Music live on Koh Samui
Live music in Koh Samui, 35 curiosities of Thailand
Groups or soloists, enjoying the live music of these anonymous artists is indescribable.

Political imbalance

Thailand is one of the countries with the most political instability in the world and every year there is usually one or more coups d'état.

A lot of social tension and corruption provoke a complex climate.

The tourist is always at fault

The foreigners know us as Farang, and it seems that it is quite usual that in a conflict between local and tourist the fault is the last one.

In traffic accidents, the tourist will almost always be guilty.

forbidden durians

In many places we will find ourselves banned from entering with Durians. The Durian, is one of the most popular fruits of Southeast Asia and one of the most delicious, but when opened, it gives off a rather unbearable smell.


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